Might Be A dumb Question BUT.....

Is an Alouette a bird? Always wondered but was to afraid to ask!LOL? I remember the montreal conncordes as a yungin! why the switch? may be a good story here? please educate me.

Alouette is the French word for Skylark.

I dont believe "Sky" is part of it, just lark

The Als were born in 1946 were called the Als until 1984 or 85 untill they folded. A new team was formed right away that was called the concords but I dont belive they lasted more than 1 season.

In 1996 the Baltimore Stallions moved to Montreal and either bought the name or it was donated by the origional owner and the team was reborn as the Allouetes

They were the Als until 1982, came back as the concords in '84 until the 2nd game of '87, then when the Baltimore Stallions folded @ the end of the '95 season after winning the Grey Cup they moved the Stallions to Montreal @ the start of the '96 season returning to the Allouettes monicker. :cowboy: