Might as well give Winnipeg the W right now. . .

Both offences sucked and the defences were making the plays. For Buck Pierce to put together those two long late 4th quarter TD drives says something about his ability to play under pressure. Don't forget he was actually 4th string on the depth chart behind Jarious Jackson until Jackson was hurt early in the season. If the Riders lose back to back to the Bombers Nealon is toast.

Both defenses played well. They held BC to 19 points! Both Special teams had their moments on Field goals. The turning point were the 3 BC turnovers. Saskatchewan failled to turn them into major scores. Buck Pierce had a better passing percentage than Nealon Greane. Saskatchewan has two good Running backs in Holmes and Keith. Saskatchewan had the opportunity to put BC away in the first half and didn't. If I were A Rider fan, I'd be screaming for A QB change. The love affair between Danny and Nealon has gone on way too long.

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You are right The three stooges in Rider land have got to go for any improvement to happen! Roy, Nealon and DB will never change they love each other.