Might as well give Winnipeg the W right now. . .

Does Barrett never learn? His post-game comments included him indicating he was happy with Greene's play and saw no real issues with it. Then I hear on TSN that Greene is starting again on Sunday. Sheesh. . .what's "Greene" and white and lives in the basement? Granted, everything isn't NG's fault this season, but it's time to shake things up at QB. This love affair between Barrett and Greene has got to end. . .

whats else is barrett gonna say tho?....say its all greenes fault? then when crandel sucks too, come crawling back to greene after crushin his confidence?

dg, the main point is that Barrett isn't considering shaking things up - he's still going to start Greene next week. Big mistake. Time to make a move now - it likely won't make a difference in the standings at this point, but making some roster moves might send a message. There's big time head hunting in Saskatchewan right now, and Barrett, Greene, and Shivers have had their names come up on more than one occasion. . .

shake things up after such a good effort against BC???
they looked like a totally different team lastnite....like a team that was 5-3 not 3-5

i would wait to see if they get that same effort ( and a win )against winnipeg in game 1....if not, then shake things up for game 2.

I thought Greene wasnt all that bad yesterday. If anything jm02 your defense let you down yesterday in allowing two very late TDs.

Well, the game on TV was obviously different from the game I listened to on the radio. Greene went 19-35 - that's only 54% (crappy), the defense played well, but couldn't come through in the clutch - again. We had a ten point lead and blew it - again. Fine, maybe the Riders had a good effort, but who cares when you're on a five game skid? Good effort or not, they still lost. It's time for change. Right now, most Rider fans see no moves coming, which means no more wins in our view. I'm not prepared to sit through one more game of "good effort, sorry you lost". Shake it up NOW.

side note…those black pants yesterday, were ugly…stick to the silver pants with green trim and green socks.

perhaps if they had lost to winnipeg or hamilton....but they lost to BC.
NOONE has beaten them...and sask. came close.

again, i say, leave things the same for ONE MORE GAME



i think sask will win both games against winnipeg if they keep the lineup the same as last nite.

Actually Greene looked pretty bad from a Lions fan's point of view. The Riders defence looked pretty good. With the way the Lions Offence performed with Printers in , the Riders should have been able to build atleast a 30 point lead if Greene was any good. But they only scored 15 points , how can anyone think that's not bad? When we were watching the game we were thinking 'man do we suck today , but it's a good thing they suck just as bad' , that is until Pierce took over , then we sucked no longer.
As far as I'm concerned our raw rookie Pierce(and #3 on the depth chart) is twice the QB that Nealon is. He sure continues to impress. I can see why Wally no longer is to worried about the CP issue any longer.

if sask had made the 2 missed field goals, they woulda won....they hit the post on one and had a bad snap on another....lost 6 points right there

The Ridrs only came close to beating BC without DD , had DD been in the game BC would have been a much better team than they were last nite. Casety has just been way off his game so far this year, look at how different(better) the Lions played once Buck came in.

Well then, dg, didn't you just add more ammunition to my case? :smiley: Yet another area in which we could have improved. Listen to pennw - he's got it pegged.

So BC missed a field goal too, what did that prove? For the most part , both offences sucked, Nealon looked ok for a little while when they went for his TD drive and BC looked good when Pierce was in.

it was hardly the kickers fault on that first kick attempt...unkickable snap.

theres no point in continuing this disscussion, cuz barrett is stickin with the guys who played lastnite.....

Besides, I hate it when people say "if we'd have made that fg we'd have won the game." That only happens if it's the last play of the game. Otherwise, there's a different feeling among both teams - the momentum shifts and it's a different ball game.

Pierce sounded like he was playing like a quarterbacking god. It's understandable why Buono is secure with his QBs.


No disputing that - the D definitely let us down. I don't care where the shake up comes, but something needs to be done, because we obviously can't get it done with the lineup we have.