Might as well give Frank D'Angelo a chance.

If he has the money, then why stop him from owning the Ottawa franchise?

His marketting may seem somewhat unorthodox, but he does seem to have energy and drive.

Maybe this is just what the CFL needs.

His ideas will no doubt put the Ottawa team on the radar, and by default, the CFL also.

A team in Ottawa, even a poorly run team (and I don't believe Frank D'Angelo will run the team poorly) is still better than no team at all.

Because the league can't afford to put a franchise in Ottawa and have it fail once again. If they put a team there they have to double and triple check on the owner and make sure he is going to make the franchise viable, unlike the Glieberman situation.

D'Angelo has put himself in the spotlight so much that he would not allow his team to be an embarrassment.

He would be putting his own personality as part of the brand on the team.

It wouldn't surprise me if he ended up being the hardest working owner in the league.

All I’m saying is the board of governors has to do their research before bringing another Ottawa team aboard. They can’t put a team in Ottawa just to have a team in Ottawa.

put a team out east first tehn bring ottawa back in 09

Atlantic Schooners!!!

Frank D'Angelo - as Duane Forde put it - seems like Lonie Glieberman with a Canadian passport.

This guy seems JUST like him. Yeah, he has the money, and so did Glieberman. And the fact that he would probably rename the team after his beer REALLY rubs me the wrong way ...

Do we know for a fact that he plans on naming the team after his beer?

Where did this story originate?

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Ottawa/2006/04/27/1553161-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 1-sun.html[/url]

D'Angelo unveils plan
Would call Ottawa team Steelback

This is a proposed new uniform for the Ottawa "Steelback" if bidder Frank D'Angelo is successful in purchasing and reviving the folded CFL franchise. (CNW Photo)

Frank D'Angelo's dream of reviving CFL football in Ottawa includes killing the Renegades.

But the league doesn't seem too keen on D'Angelo.

The president and CEO of Steelback Brewery and the CFL played a game of Duelling Media Releases yesterday.

It began with yet another curiously timed missive from D'Angelo -- smack in the middle of a Stanley Cup run by the Senators -- outlining his capital gridiron game plan, including an overhaul of the franchise name to Ottawa Steelback.

The unabashed D'Angelo even had new uniforms -- red, black and silver -- designed for the team.

"We want to start with a clean slate," said D'Angelo in the release. "Any homage to the past would slow our push towards the future. A future that sees the Ottawa Steelback as a successful and thriving CFL powerhouse."

D'Angelo did not return calls from the Sun yesterday.

Late in the afternoon, the CFL issued its own statement on the D'Angelo move, expressing surprise with the Steelback president's revelations.

So far, CFL commissioner Tom Wright has had one "informal" phone conversation with D'Angelo about the situation in Ottawa.

"There have been informal discussions as well with other interested parties," read the statement, in part.

Wright, according to the league's release, has been working on a time line to deal with "the Ottawa opportunity."

"Until the full parameters and formalized process are approved by the board of governors, any and all discussions on a new Ottawa team should be considered exploratory only."

In other words, the CFL would prefer prospective owners of an expansion club -- and particularly D'Angelo -- to keep their intentions out of the public domain.

While the Steelback owner is throwing a long bomb trying to get a team back in Ottawa for the 2007 season, the league, as is the custom in Wright's regime, is taking a more conservative approach.


D'Angelo charged onto Ottawa's CFL landscape two weeks ago when he announced his intention to bring pro football back to the city just days after the league announced the Renegades had been shelved for 2006.

It also came one day following a dispersal draft that saw several former Renegades players sent to the eight other CFL teams.

At the time, the league issued a brief release saying it would meet with D'Angelo in the "ongoing effort to secure new and fully qualified ownership for the CFL franchise in Ottawa."

D'Angelo said in yesterday's release that he and representatives from his company have spoken to "high-profile" people involved with the league and that a meeting with CFL and city officials would happen soon.

I agree that changing the name to Steelback is not the best because I prefer to preserve the history.

But, then again, what history does the name Renegade have?

It seems Frank D'Angelo is more concerned about marketing his beer then running a profit generating football franchise.

It works both ways.

The popularity of the team promotes the beer and beer sales promote the team.

The team logo will be promoted in every beer store in Ontario, and across the country, and there is the potential that players faces could be placed on beer cases.

It's not all negative, there are positives.

uhm .. the most obvious of reasons why D'Angelo should not even be considered:


This guy doesn't know jack about running a pro sports franchise. and that should be the most important pre-requisit if you are going to make the mistake of giving Ottawa yet another chance.

Even the idea of this unexperienced super-ego's name being tossed around as a potential owner is pure lunacy.


I don't get what the problem is with Ottawa. Its population is pushing 1 million, is it not? If a city with that population can't get corporate funding for a dam cfl team, then maybe they just dont have the support they need to thrive in that market on a long term basis?

I bet his team would cheetah

Maybe Ben will return kicks for them....

How many sports teams has Bob Young owned?

Exactly r4758.

When two prior ownerships failed in the same city - and ownership has been blamed both times by the league; you'd have to be a drooling moron to make the same exact mistake a third time.


You assume that it is possible to know for sure before hand whether or not an owner will succeed.

I am not convinced that this is ever really possible, but, I agree the league should be careful.

Having said that, if Ottawa wants a team they don't have too many options.

Having a team, even if you don't like the owner, is still better than no team at all.

So, you have 2 potential ownership groups, one Canadian, one American, and none from Ottawa.

The only other option I can think of is if the team became community owned, similar to Saskatchewan.