Midseason MVP's

Alright, we are officially halfway through the CFL season, and I'm wondering who gets the most outstanding player award so far.

A short list of nominees

Damon Allen - 18 TD's, 2619 passing yards, 66% completion rate, 1 rushing TD, along with 240 yards on the ground the main reason the Argos are 6-3 and first in the East

Ricky Ray - 19 TD's, 3240 passing yards, 66% completion rate, keeping the Ekies in the CFL elite.

Dave Dickenson - 14 TD's, 2175 passing yards, 75% completion rate, BC is undefeated

Kerry Joseph - 12 passing TD's, 2318 yards, 64% completion rate, along with 7 rushing TD's and 500 yards on the ground. The man can beat you in many ways

Jason Tucker - 902 receiving yards, 8 TD's, 18.8 per catch, the man is on fire

Charles Roberts - 786 rushing yards, 7 TD's, 5.3 per carry

As of right now I'd say the award should go to Damon Allen, not because I'm an Argo fan, because he's been the most impressive and valuable player in the CFL this year. While Ricky Ray has a lot more passing yards than Allen, Ray also leads the league in INT's with 13, compared to Allen's only 7. Damon Allen also makes up for less passing yards with his 240 rushing yards and his head to head win against Ray. However in the midst of this are players like Dave DIckenson and Kerry Joseph. DIckenson would almost for sure get the nod if he hadn't been sitting a couple games, with BC winning. His TD/INT ratio is the best in the league, and his completion rate of 74% is blistering. However, BC winning the 2 games he hasn't player hurts him a little bit, showing BC doesnt necessarily need him to win. While Allen showed the Argos need him to win. Kerry Joseph has also been on fire, on the ground and in the air, and is hard to stop, but Ottawa's slightly worse team record and Joseph's turnover rate hurt his chances. You also cant discount the league's top receiver and rusher in Tucker and Roberts, as Tucker is ALMOST on pace for a 2000 yard, 20 TD season, and Roberts looks to win the rushing title again. Definitely a tough choice.

Excellent post.........and of course I like your choice of ALLEN , but this comment my surprize, some of you.

For an MVP at this point , I would pick JOSHEP.WHY?

The ARGOS are the defending champs and have also needed their defense and special teams to win this year as with last year.

Not many expected OTTAWA, to do much this year with all the CHAOS on and off the field.

JOSEPH , is proving that he is not a one season wonder.

He is the engine that drives OTTAWA , and they are all playing better this year than most every one expected.

He is their franchise player and could be in the elite of CFL QB'S , if he isn't already.

Games are more than just stats , they could also include leader ship by example. JOSEPH , gets my vote not only because he is good , BUT he is playing GREAT under less than idea conditions. :smiley:

I say Kamau Peterson is this league's MVP. The Tiger-Cats couldn't get any victory before he arrived in Hamilton. That means something. That team is now playoff bound. Let's move Kamau's statue from Winnipeg to Hamilton...

Serious, I agree with all of the aforementionned names. But I'd tend to lean toward Damon Allen, because he is a living legend that was NEVER chosen as the MVP over his long career. Plus, we saw how the Argos did when Bishop started, so even if the Argos have a lot of great players elsewhere on the field, Allen is a must.

k here's my take on this, it will sound extremely bias but i feel i have some good reasoning i also will be objective on a few other picks.

  1. charles roberts.... usually the MVP award does not go to the best player in the league but the most valuable player to his team, without charles roberts winnipeg has no offense he is such a big part of this team and he is an outstanding player, mind you with kevin glenn getting the passing game going as of late that changes a little bit but not much, these bombers really need roberts thats why i think he is the mvp

  2. kevin glenn, again this is about the most valuable to his team.... look how the bombers did with kevin glenn hurt.... look how the bombers are doing with glenn back, he completely revamped the bb offense if the defense can improve this team could be really good but the impact he has on this team just like roberts is huge.

k now my non bias pics

damon allen - truly a inspiration, great guy, great player, leader on the field, having a heck of a year.

kerry joseph- havin a great year also, centerpiece of the renegades, needs to stay healthy

i would have wrote more about allen and joseph but i have to run... so not to be late for work

Nealon Green gets my vote.He is doing everything I want him too!!!LOL

KERRY JOSEPH....has Ottawa 4th in overall standings AHEAD of montreal, sask., hamilton, winnipeg and calgary. His team is above .500 after 9 games!

....just hope Ottawa can finish as well as they started!!!!

I love your cheeky sense of humour…

Buck Pierce,

Seriously. Jason Tucker from Edmonton looks sharp. MVP Canadian, How about Calgary’s Kicker D’Angeles. Would have considered Dickenson, but he’s missed a couple (And Maybe more) games. Joseph is a good candidate, as well as the old guy…Damon Allen in Toronto. Look how badly Toronto misses him when he’s out.

How about Antonio Warren with 11 TDs, leading the league? Nik Lewis and Copeland are also having very good seasons. But one of the guys that none of you have mentioned and is my mid-season MVP is COREY BANKS of the Renegades. Having an unbelievable year defensively.

I'm afraid I have to agree with Damon Allen as the MVP. He has the Argo's rolling right now, playing with so much confidence. As bright as the future might be for Ray, he hasn't outshone Allen. Dickenson is right there, but I do believe that Allen is more valuable to his team. The Esks and Lions have Maas and Printers and the Argo's, well enough said.

I think Ben Cahoon would be deserving of honorable mention in this thread and I would be giving him more than honorable mention if he wasn't.

ive decided to list a few from each team that i think should be nominated

bc: dave d, theyre undefeated how good is that, antonio warren he always punches it in for them
edm: its hard not to pick qb's on a team doin good so ricky ray, then tucker
cal: henry burris solved the qb problem here, but copeland has been huge, honorable mention to nik lewis.
sask: corey holmes after that hmmm maybe gainer
wpg: roberts, then glenn, mention to william fields
tor: allen, mention to arland bruce and noel prefontaine
ham: o boy...... the cheerleaders :lol: craig yeast gets my nod
ott: kerry joseph then corey banks
mtl: cahoon, mention to landry

MVP of their team, aka without them.. the team would suck!! And for that.. I would say.. Kerry Joseph. Without Kerry Joseph, I don't think the Renegades would survive.

Stats wise.. I would have to say Jason Tucker. The guy only has like 2 or 3 drops on the year! That is amazing! Without Jason Tucker, the Eskimos would still be a good team.

And he dropped another one near the end of that game.

I'd agree with the votes for Damon Allen as MVP so far. The best way to determine an MVP is to think of where his team would be without him.

There is absolutely no way that the Argos are 6-3 without Allen. They would likely be 2-7 at this point based on how they've played so far.

Ottawa would probably not be as good without Joseph, but wouldn't be that bad. I don't think you can honestly say that Joseph has outright won them games this year.