middle linebacker

I think one area the riders could definitely improve on is to find a true middle line backer?? would there be any free agents in this category????

Rumor has it in Montreal that Bear Woods may test free agency.

Middle LB is an obvious hole.
As far as Woods, I am not entirely sold on him, but think he fit the Als D right. If he can be picked up for the right price, sure, but MLB is something that should be able to be filled relatively economically, that said, with the woes there this season it would probably be money well spent. Ian Wild or Marcellus Bowman might be a more fiscally sound pickup. Jason Pottinger is a guy who IMO has the tools to start inside, and also the experience. As a Canadian, that is huge, and they could go after Jordan Matechuk as a teamer and potential long snapper and backup...being from Sask. That in combo with Hurl could be a pretty good rotation. If they want to make a splash, then yeah, Woods makes sense, and I would be shocked if he isn't spoken to once FA starts...definitely one of the bigger names in the LB FA market this year.. They are going back to the success they had in the minicamps, so I think they will churn out a contender or 2 at LB this off-season.

Guess the Woods point is mute.

Linebackers Bear Woods (three years) and Winston Venable (one year) signed new deals with the club (Als), while defensive linemen Aaron Lavarias and Scott Paxson each agreed to two-year contracts.

Chamblain knowing that he had a young but talented WILL/MIKE LB trio with National Hurl and International's Peters and Kilgore. first time the three have been starters. Year two could be much better.

not sure Pottinger is still a starting MLB in the CFL. After his injury a few years back he returned and re-invented his career as a top Teams player and back up.
He could be a good aquisition that could help out the young Trio of Nationa Hurl ad internationals Peters and Kilgore between the three of them WILL and Mike LB positions were filled but inexpereinced as starters

Like I said...Rotation...
No he is not an every down guy, but can still be an impact player. Because he has been on ST since injury it seems to me that one could pick him up economically. Personally I would...worst case you have a solid NI on ST for a team that was embarrassing on coverage in 2014. Can't see how going after him is a bad move for the Riders TBH...they come out ahead no matter how it shakes out. Only downside is it ages the average age...but who cares if you are only looking for a couple years...gives time for other development

Pottinger could be a target for the Riders after losing McCullough to retirement in 2014.

Well I guess it's Emry. Coming off a shit year and giving up Foley for him makes me go :confused: