Middle Linebacker

E.T., why not call Reggie Hunt? I understand he works for SaskTel. He should be close to a phone. Ouch, that hurt!

That would sell tickets and be smart and popular. Mo Lloyd is hurt in Edmonton. Maybe Richie Hall will sign him over there. Reggie said in the paper he wanted to go to BC to play with his brother. Buono said no thank you and signed Armour. If Montreal, Edmonton, BC and the Riders don't want him it may be the end of The Reaper's career. If 4 teams say no that's half the CFL thinking it's time for him to retire.

Have the Riders said anything official on Williams knee injury?

I haven’t heard anything regarding Williams!

a good point was made in anothe thread that McCullough was the starter before being injured and replaced by Mo. The plan might be to see how he does before trying to sign a player.

And that certainly makes some sense. But I'd probably bring Reggie in just for a look-see; if there's any gas left in that particular tank it wouldn't be bad to have him there in case McCullough doesn't work out.

They also have a kid named Jerell Freeman who will play some in addition to McCullough. Apparently they really like his athleticism.

Reggie probablly isn't in game shape but if he's in a rotation with McCullough and Freeman it shouldn't be much of a problem!

MLB is the QB of the D....so guess where the Riders stand.......

McCullough is a experienced rotational guy....nice fit, not someone I want in all game.

Freeman who????..........Maybe he will be awesome, frankly I don't care, I want someone at MLB who will help stop the run NOW.

Let ET and Miller have their fun and develop a QB, and find that next great return guy.......Yawn.....I want Hunt here now, before the Eskimoes scoop him up,

Reggie Hunt......32 , 7 year proven vet, a solid gamer, not injury prone......OH yeh! Lives in Regina.....It's a no brainer.

Except he's not a middle linebacker.

That would explain why I'M the only one to think it's a no brainer.

Well he did play MLB in Montreal last year for 18 regular season games plus two playoff game as well as the Grey CUp! I think I recall him saying he had played some MLB in college as well so he is quite experienced at the position. Montreal coaching staff were quite happy with the way he played at MLB but he was a victim of the numbers this year. There were just too many young talented linebackers in Montreal for on older higher paid player like Reggie to be able to stick.

That should read "ONE playoff game as well as the Grey Cup". Sorry about the error!

Nope. Hunt didn't even dress until the game in Regina...week 4 or 5? And he did only because of an injury to Diamond Ferri.

I don't know well enough to say where or how much he played after Ferri was back. Someone like Madjack or Ro would probably know.

I had forgotten that! Thanks for pointing out my error!