Middle Linebacker

The Ticats had a bit of a revolving door at MLB this season; how's this for a suggestion?

This year, for whatever reason, the Calgary brain trust seems to have lost faith in both Scott Coe and John Grice.

I think both of them still have a lot left in the tank; heck Grace was outstanding defensive player last year, can't have lost it all of a sudden in one year.

So, do you Cats fans think a trade with Calgary to get one or the other of those two would upgrade your MLB situation?

Just a thought.........

What did I say in another thread about other teams' cast-offs?

John Grace wouldn't be much of a cast off IMO

Scott Coe has some skill too. it wouldn't kill us to bring in some competition for TC at least, see who has a little bit left in the tank.

with cfl offences using t.e sets, move a Cheatwood or Cotton to M.L ??

This new linebacker that Saskatchewan picked up a few games ago looks like a future all star. He was all over the field and laid out some punishing hits. I think Dickenson is going to have some problems with the Riders blitzing defence.
The rookie from Mac, Clovis had a great game too.
Tillman sure knows how to spot talent.

The Cats should go after Grace, this guy was an all-star last year.

I don't know about their MLB, but Clovis was drafted while Shivers was still in town.

Why is it that every other team in the league discovers great MLB’s but us? There are five billion American schools who have great football programs, and we can’t bring in ONE young, hungry, big MLB to take control of our D? Something’s wrong with that picture.

Coaching decision. The guy we started the year with was in love with Auggie...

So as for our MLB, John Grace was released yesterday from the Stampeders. How about him?

[url=http://www.stampeders.com/index.php?module=newser&func=display&nid=13396]http://www.stampeders.com/index.php?mod ... &nid=13396[/url]

Slow down folks. There's no rush to sign players. The salary cap will probably force some teams to move guys elsewhere. Free agents may choose to relocate to greener pastures. A lot of Arena and NFL-E guys will be available. You don't even have a coach!!

Even if they signed a star MLB (and I seriously doubt that they have), they wouldn't announce it until the push for seasons tickets is on.

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