Mid week musings

I’ve been to two games and watched the rest from barstools. Here’s what I think so far.
The good...
Lots of parity this year.
BC and Toronto playing better.

The not as good....
Fieldgoal kicking.
Last call.

I tried.


The quality of play has been pretty poor so far, I guess what else could you expect with a year layoff. Not a lot of competitive well played games, though there’s been a few exciting finishes - Calgary- Wpg, Montreal-Cgy, Tor-Ham. Defences for the most part seem to be dominating. Hopefully by November teams will get back in gear.


Seems to be getting better weekly.

Attempted bowling is pretty bad as well

I found my old collection of lint

Attempted bowling and lint.
Better than I expected from this topic.

yeah :slight_smile:

if the players would learn how to tackle better, they wouldnt have to attempt to bowl so often

If it wasn’t this close to last call I might understand you guys.
I hope they take lint here.

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MY bad, gift from the cat… hairball…
Where the hell did put my lint collection??

Not your bad.
This is a product of boredom and avoiding the walk home…
Thanks for playing along…BEST TOPIC EVER.

Oh yeah, football!

and no tackling in the couple short practices a week.


Love the point on tackling. I was taught that a you wrap your arms around the player and power through them. Now guys hope to hit as hard as they can and hope they go down.


The quality of play seems to be improving each week, but unfortunately the games are not as consistently competetive as they were in the first few weeks. I think we lucked out a bit in the early going, in that even the poorly played games were close, often decided in the final few minutes.

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I always feel the CFL game is a harder game to play than the US version.

The amount of space and the ability to close the gap with open field tackles is a must . Seen a few times they may have forgotten certain fundamentals .

The ability to throw to the flats which can be a huge throw if your reversing field .

My feeling many QB's with less arms fail to roll right or left and the call options fail to incorporate shortening the field and still giving multiple options is an important strategy when you don't have a rifle arm from the pocket or a steady o line that needs to move a bit and take advantage of that one yard .

The receiver and QB chemistry is off for a few games .Hopefully they will make adjustments .


Exactly! A couple of times last weekend (forget who exactly) I saw attempted tackles made by hitting with shoulder pads, like they had no arms…I’m sure there are some pissed coaches and hard practices this week.

Yes - as the play improves . . .it shows who really are good and who aren’t. But when those good teams play each other the games will be doozies.


Absolutely…might happen this Weekend. Bc at Montreal, could be a good one.
The others depend on QB status. Even Elks might make it close. Except for Ottawa, teams have had bounce-back games this season.

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The Edmonton/CGY game was godawful - a zillion penalties and a lot of inaccurate passing. I was embarrassed that Americans might be watching this and never tune in again.

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Terrible game. I’ve seen better pre-season games. I think some offences are starting to finally click and we’ll see better games soon.

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