Mid-Season CFL Trades

Potential mid-season trades:
(in a league defined by such activity)

  1. The Big Un - Jones is Jonesing for a QB - Elks still in a possible hunt for the crossover, although a couple more early losses would negate that fine idea. The big target for Jones = Michael O'Connor the BC backup w/ the great Canadian pedigree. immo O'Connor for Kenny Lawler might tip the sword in Jones' favour; imagine Rourke having a stud like Lawler as a 3rd, 4th or 5th target. HEAVY DAMAGE!

  2. Winnipeg tends to play close to the vest - but their o-line hasn't exactly been earth-movers. Maybe Andrew Harris was that damn good. Collaros also being chased around the mulberry bush so perhaps a stud Canadian lineman is on the docket in Wpg. Bombers have a few assets to dispense - 1st pick in next year's draft not out of the question if the stud is really a stud.

  3. Vernon Adams, Jr. - Officially trade bait immo. Don't know if Adams helter-skelter style fits in with Edmonton's gameplan but one never knows. If Jones can't get his hooks into O'Connor, then Adams might be the available one - assuming the league is finished with Johnny Football (Manziel)

  4. If Hammy keeps losing - I strongly suspect Orlondo S. will be given an ultimatum. Find a QB better than Dane Evans or face the firing squad. I'm sure Hamilton management scouring NFL rosters for signs of Chris Streveler's impending release - or someone even better!

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Ottawa just picked up Arbuckle from the Elks to pick up the obvious slack left by Masoli getting knocked out of the lineup.
More details to follow ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Funny story a couple of weeks ago that suggested Winnipeg might trade for Andrew Harris. Chilly day down below if that happens imo.

Take away the three big gains and run game was very pedestrian again. Oliviera is working hard though and probably on a bike as I type.

Redblacks just picked Arbuckle but O'Conner would have been a good choice as well