Mid season break so early?

Why is the bi-week occurring at the six week mark? I would think that it would happen at the nine game mark, mid season. Is there a method to the madness that it occurs so early?

This time of year often features oppressive heat, particularly combined with humidity in southern Ontario. Uncomfortable heat is unpleasant for fans and players, and can even be a health hazard for players. July and August are also prime vacation months for families with kids. Bye weeks in August both allow players to get a week back with their families during the summer, and ward off a potential hit at the gates for CFL clubs by not having such a dense schedule when many potential game-day ticket buyers are away from home enjoying other summer attractions.

If every team had the bye in week 9.....you would essentially have a week with no football at all.The season would be split into 2 separate halfes....everybody play 9 games....week off...last 9 games played....play-offs.....doesn't really work now does it....henceforth our bye is in week 7....hopefully this explains it tabby fan. :slight_smile:

I don't exactly see why that doesn't work. Having a week without football really wouldn't make sense for the league, hence why it's split up how it is now. But still, you could very easily play 9 games, everyone takes a week to relax a bit, recover from injuries, make an assessment of how you think the season will play out the rest of the way and maybe bring in a few new guys or cut a weak link, and then it's off too the races for the final 9 game stretch.

The break would have to be during week 10 however, which would mean Labour Day weekend, which means it's never going to happen unless they shift the start of the season forward a week...which would just be a weird project to undertake just so your bye week is in the middle of the season.

They are just bye weeks, they are just kind of annoying as a fan to be honest. Obviously very useful for a team.

I think they did it the right way in 2011 having the two bye weeks followed by Labour Day weekend.

8) Why are you complaining about the BYE week at the six week mark ??
  It couldn't have come at a better time, as far as the TiCats are concerned, with all these injuries !!

Starting next year with the Redblacks entering the 9 team league,there will be 2 bye weeks. :expressionless:

DUH - I thought I asked a question...take a chill pill.

I never thought of the humidity and stuff, I guess that makes sense and also so the guys can go on vacation with the kids. It would suck in September since the nippers are going back to school. Still it would be cool to see someone puke on the field again like CW, that was funny.

One thing I don't miss about Petawawa and Kingston - humidity.

8) I just thought that possibly you were a TiCat fan, and I assumed that you would see how this early bye week would help
   the Cats with regards to their injuries !!

   DUH, I guess I assume too much sometimes.