Mid Season Awards

What say you now that we at the halfway point?

Best Team:

Offensive MOP:

Defensive MOP:

Top Rookie:

Top Coach:

Biggest Surprise:

Mine are kind of West heavy

Best Team: Pretty clear choice: Calgary far and away

Offensive MOP: Bo Levi Mitchell...does everything well

Defensive MOP: Tough choice but Simoni Lawrence

Top Rookie: Taylor Loffler- Blue Bombers Safety. More than rock solid after being inserted into lineup due to injury. Ball hawk with a couple of picks and aggressive tackler. Maybe best safety in CFL.

Top Coach: Tie: Dave Dickenson-just on top of everything. Wally Buono-changed the whole look and culture of BC Lions

Biggest Surprise: Tie: BC Lions...just how balanced they are. And how much their team personality has changed from last year
I am surprised at how the East as a whole has underperformed. Probably because of QB injury.

Totally agree about Taylor Loffler of the bombers - best rookie, not even close!

Dave Dick has transitioned nicely into stamps coaching spot. Although Pasquale Buono appears not to be enjoying the sideline pressure of head-coaching he's done incredible work balancing out his team. If Jennings increases his football IQ a few points that team could torment Edmonton in the west semi and give Calgary a serious run for the western Grey Cup slot.

Why do you say Buono doesn’t look to be enjoying coaching again?

I’ve watched him lots over the years and his twitches, lip biting, squinting countenance looks the same to me.

Best Team : Calgary Stampeders

Offensive MOP : Bo Levi Mitchell-Stampeders

Defensive MOP : Adam Bighill- Lions

Top Rookie : Kevin Fogg- Blue Bombers

Top Coach : Wally Buono- Lions

Biggest Surprise : team- Blue Bombers.......player- Jerimiah Masoli- Ti-Cats- setting the pass completion in a row record of 23 straight.

Best Team: Calgary

Offensive MOP: Mike Reilly

Defensive MOP: Solomon Elimimian

Top Rookie: Kevin Fogg (if eligible)

Top Coach: Dave Dickenson

Biggest Surprise: Winnipeg

Great topic - - Bust Of Lists are always fun...

Bust Team: Regina Huskies

Bust Coach: Chris Jones

Bust GM: Chris Jones

Bust Move: Argos to BMO

Best Team: Calgary

Offensive MOP: Mike Reilly

Defensive MOP: Simoni Lawrence

Top Rookie: Bryan Burnham (if he's eligible)

Top Coach: Wally Buono

Biggest Surprise: BC Lions

I'm not a huge Mike O'Shea fan but the boldest move of the season (another category, darn) would have to be O'Shea benching Boxcar Willy and inserting The Ultimate Hobo, Matty Nichols.

Keep in mind Willy was earning over $400k, was the poster boy for bomber advertising and even had a line of Drew Willy chips at the local co-ops.

The only thing unclear about this "bold move" was whether it was actually the stoic and somewhat ignorant My Crochet who made the switch or the bloated Wad Miller, fearing for his career apex job if Willy continued to dismember the team and drive even more fans away.

Nichols is not a fan-puller, the likes of Mike Reilly or Matt Dunigan or even Tom Clements - but he's a serviceable mope who's been following a detailed script provided by Paul LaPolice. . . . . he's also getting a bit more time to pocket-think than Willy - Willy was making a terrible mess of it but now he's terribly happy to inhale big bomber pay cheques and run out the string as a sideline caddy.

Bombers are still not in the class of the Big 4 (Cal, Edm, BC, Ham) but they're clearly the best of the remaining bad lot.

I too am amazed at Nichols' success. Shocked actually. They also changed their O-line and ratio configuration. Generally BB are playing with 3 NI O-line. The protection has been phenomenal. O'Shea is much more involved and animated as well. Overall they are a very surprising bunch with a takeaway machine going on defense. Outside of Calgary this has been the most mistake free team the last 4-5 games.