Mid Season Awards

OK, I know it's not exactly mid season, but lets kill off some of the bye week..so let's give out our mid season awards.

Who do you think would be

Ticat MOP
Ticat Outstanding Canadian
Ticat Defensive Player
Ticat Most Improved.

League MOP
League Oustanding Canadian
League Defensive Player
League Most Improved

MOP Jesse Lumsden
MOC Jesse Lumsden
TDP Markeith Knowlton
TMP Ryan Glasper

MOP Anthony Calvillo QB MON.
MOC Paris Jackson WR BC
LMP Paris Jackson WR BC

how the hell can you say jesse is our mvp? He has been the biggest disappointment this year. I wouldnt even give him top canadien.

MVP: none
MOC: Woodcock
TD: Bradley
MI: Jo Jo (i think he was this good last year we just didnt give him a chance)

Ticat MOP Jesse Lumsden
Ticat Outstanding Canadian Jesse Lumsden
Ticat Defensive Player Chris Thompson
Ticat Most Improved. Richie Williams

League MOP Avon Cobourne
League Oustanding Canadian Brent Johnson
League Defensive Player no vote
League Most Improved Chris Thompson

Despite all his missed games, he’s still 6th in the league in rushing.

Still, you have to get into games to be considered.

Ticat MOP: Chris Thompson
Ticats MOC: Jesse Lumsden
Ticats DP: Chris Thompson
Ticats MI: Richie Williams

im sorry i just couldn't give our MOP award to a player that has only played in 4 full games.

League MOP: Avon Cobourne
League MOC: Paris Jackson
League MOD: Cameron Wake
League MI: Anton McKenzie

Ticat MOP: Jesse Lumsden
Ticat Outstanding Canadian: Marwan Hage
Ticat Defensive Player: Markeith Knowlton
Ticat Most Improved: Jykine Bradley
Ticat Biggest Dissapointment: Casey Printers
Ticat Rookie: Tre Smith

League MOP: Anthony Calvillo
League Oustanding Canadian: Kamau Peterson
League Defensive Player: Cam Wake
League Most Improved: Avon Cobourne
League Biggest Dissapointment: Kerry Joseph
League Rookie: Montez Murphy

i wouldn't say Jykine is most improved, he has always been a great player, he was sidelined with an injury for most of last year, then started the last 2 games of the season and had an int in both

and i believe he started most of the year for us in the 2006 season.


MOP Jesse
DP Thompson
MI Jojo/Glasper
ROY Rodriguez


Canadian Johnson
DP Wake
MI Cobourne
Disapointment Wally Bouno/Steven Burrato
ROY Bowman

Depending on how many games Jesse logs....

Tre Smith is the team's MOP and rookie of the year as far as I'm concerned. When the ratio allows him to play he does everything.

2 weeks ago not one fan picked Moreno as even our defensive MVP yet now they're all whinning like we just cut Brian Urlacker off the leagues most dominating defence.