Mid Season All-Stars?????

I looked through the list of choices made by the selectors and for the life of me, I can’t understand how Chris Williams was not a unanimous choice. What have these guys been watching this year. For the record Pat Steinberg and Jim Morris both pick Chad Owens and Mark Stephen picked Larry Taylor. I know Mark is a huge homer and Taylor is IMHO the second best guy but how could the other two guys go with Owens, do they not watch the Eastern Conference games out here?

If you're just going by special teams play... yeah that makes no sense whatsoever.

Must be considering just total return yards, and as Williams doesn't return kickoffs this year (he did last year fairly well, but the team chooses not to use him there this year), his combined yardage is lower than the "front runners".

Imagine how many yards he would have if he were back there. But I guess these guys don't have much of an imagination....

I thought the exact same thing. What more does the guy have to do? He's already set the record for kick returns for touchdowns and he did it in the first half of the season! I couldn't care less that Williams doesn't return kickoffs (all a lot of kickoff yards proves is that your team gives up a lot of points), the guy is the best returner in the league and it is not even debatable. And forget whether these guys watch East games out there, do they not watch Sportscentre or go on Twitter or read the CFL website? I scratched my head when I saw that Williams wasn't a unanimous choice.

Some of the selections in all-star selections are silly. Pat Steinberg picked Grant Shaw for punting and he has a grand total of 5 punts coming into tonight because Dales has been doing the punting.

Shaw's game with the show now - Dales is out for at least 7 weeks. Steinberg knows his stuff...ect.

All you have to do is just look a Matthew Cauz's selection of Marwan Hage for all-star centre. The Sultan has barely played this year! Pretty sure he hasnt played a full game yet. And I'm not cracking on Marwan by any means. I'm a die-hard TiCat fan!

Makes you wonder if these guys actually watch the games. Especially when it comes to offensive line, it's always the same old names. Flory, Archibald, Bourke, Labatte, etc, etc,. They just fill out the ballots with names they remember. Sure, some of those guys belong but ... Tsoumpas? Really? Terrible year! Dyakowski? I love Big Pete but he's had a mediocre year. Not even best olineman on the TiCats!

Wish these "experts" would do their research. It's an insult to us die-hard CFL fans.