Microwave Mentality

Although I think Maas is a real warrior, I think his demeanor is better suited for a back up. (A relief pitcher) I think he often gets himself in trouble by trying to be to careful or by trying to hard. He doesn't seem to be able to settle down and manage the game as easily as some QB's.

I think starting Chang and bringing Maas in might work better. Chang would certainly give our offense a different look and Maas would be more dangerous coming in as a back up, just going for it, not having to worry about managing the whole game.

That being said it's very tough for any fan to be patient this days, especially with all the talent that seems close to busting out.

What I am worried about is this West Coast Offense I just don't think it works unless we would have the best O line in the CFL! I don't think they went in the right direction with this tailored to Maas offense. Next year do we send Maas packing throw out the West Coast BS and go with Chang? . Well thats my two cents and no I will not Microwave nothing but a Dennigers left over sausage today :wink:

True. If we had a Chapdelaine or Cortez or Bellefeuille or other experienced OC,I dont think we would be 1-7.

Actually, a WCO-styled offense helps buffer a poorer O-line because the QB's reads are tied to his footwork. If your QB is holding onto the ball after a three-step drop, ummmmmmm, it's not the O-line's issue, frankly. It points to the play design or the receivers not getting open. If your QB isn't distributing the ball to his checkdowns or making the necessary hot route adjustments on blitzes, that too can be a major problem.

Where an O-line IS exposed by offensive philosophy is where the QB does not make reads based on his footwork and continually holds the ball too long or makes the wrong read as to when to distribute the ball. Often this is directly related to his footwork. Most spread offenses do use some form of timing mechanism, but they tend to be more vertical in emphasis. If you are bombing it downfield, the QB needs more time for that kind of play to develop. In a WCO, that usually means a seven-step drop from center. THE BALL HAS TO BE OFF after the third bounce maximum or the QB has to get the ball out somehow through a rollout/scramble, checkdown, or hit-the-octogenarian in Row C approach.

Spread offenses that do not tie the QB reads and distribution on footwork are directly affected by the success of the O-line to stop the pass rush. The Cats are not in that boat.

We had receivers who couldn't get open and a QB who cannot hit the 15-25 yard windows with any zip.

The last mortar shot INT
Maas threw was representative of the fact this offense doesn't scare anyone. As long as the five-step drop plays (and the shotgun-based equivalents we run in second-and-longs) are being jammed because eight guys are in the box to stop Jesse and the QB hasn't got the gas or the accuracy in his arm to hit slant routes or other intermediate crossing patterns in flight, it's basically an exercise in futility.

I only saw one significant play from a pass in that window that stood out for me, a completion to Ralph. In that instance, he found separation and Jason hit him well. The play was well-designed and executed. That was the exception rather than the rule, unfortunately.

From what I witnessed -- albeit from an end zone seat -- Jon'ta Woodard had his worst game as a Ticat. That isn't a system design issue. Holds, misreads on protection, and simply getting beat. If your left tackle is getting torched with a right-handed QB in the pocket, game over.

Oski Wee Wee,

Good informative post.
How was the demeanour of the rest of the team for the first three quarters?
Was it just me or did things pick up for the few plays that Chang was in?

We had turnovers and sacks from the defence. They played their absolute hearts out, regardless of some the mistakes (particularly in coverage). You cannot accuse the D of not stepping it up and giving the offense opportunities to succeed.

Re Chang, the first long pass attempt he made caused an Als pass interference penalty as I recall. I think he does command respect in how he handles himself in the huddle. Chang will NOT be a wilted flower because of a lack of confidence, IMHO. :wink:

Regardless of how the last two drives went, the perceptible change in how the interior DBs and safety of the Als had to respect the threat of the deeper pass helped. The Als were using deeper zones with the lead, but I could sense the backpedals were a little more meaningful, shall we say.

Again, at this point there are issues with the O-line and receivers to compound any shortcomings at QB.

Given the 3-15 recipe being served here, I would rather cast my lot with a young gunslinger who has the arm to make plays than death by dumpoff-grimace-hands-to-the-chinstrap-roll of the eyes-slow trundle to the bench. At least Bette Davis could throw a spiral too. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,


I have noticed in previous games that the tempo of the offence seems to pick up when Chang is the QB.
I would love to chat with Brock and a couple of the other receivers to know how they feel about all of this.
Right now the system seems wrong for this team, the QB is wrong, the play calling is wrong.....but each week nothing seems to change. After a two week lay off, how can this team have been so badly prepared and out-played?

I watched Maas burn two timeouts yesterday in completely non-critical situations. That gives one insight into just how unprepared they still are in making adjustments at the line. It is astoundingly bad. It is not entirely Maas's fault by any means. It just ensures that the razor-thin margin he tends to operate at is halved accordingly!

In another thread, a member made the observation that the Als have one play where it said that Calvillo has five different route options to adjust based on coverage. Well, to run option plays, you need receivers with the confidence to make the reads and the trust that the QB will make the same read to get the ball to that spot. We do not have that guy as yet, although Ralph does have some chemistry with Jason.

The fact that the O-line has been shoddy in pass protection and Maas has had to eat the ball far too often has not added to this picture. A WCO-derived system without timing can degenerate to ersatz playground improvising PDQ.

There was a botched screen yesterday I believe to Jesse where he got bumped and knocked down by the pulling lineman. I shook my head and heard the rattle. Tough to take.

Oski Wee Wee,

I suggest that perhaps you take a long hard look at yourself before you go around psychoanalyzing others on this forum. Unfortunately, I have a good long look at your history of posting on this forum, and it's been one long legacy of insulting others, calling people that you don't agree with "trolls" and telling them to "get lost," and just in general acting arrogant and conceited. Basically one of the main problems here is how you and two or three others act as though you own the forum. I could find scores of posts by others who have already expressed this same sentiment, but your response will usual no doubt.

Prove it.

I'm proud of my history of engaging trolls like yourself, but there is a point where cyber battles take a lesser priority to mental health. Get help.

Gardisten and Ockham:
Can you two please go off -forum with this crap? We are supposed to be talking about Tiger-Cat football!
Thank you.

Its more of a washing machine mentality! But the only difference doing your wash is more entertaining then watch MAAS lose again!

I'm sick of hearing that the fans should have patients, It's come down to one thing in my mind, I'm just sick of losing!!!! I don't know what the answer is to trying to find a way to win, but we have to find it out, FAST!!

ticat SB, do you actually think that
the Ticats can find a way to win, FAST!!?

I am sorry to disappoint you.

It ain't gonna happen that way.

I hate to tell you, ticat SB, but
you suffer from the disorder

known as 'Micrcrowave Mentality'
that we have been talking about.

Unfortunately, Orville Redenbacher
is NOT in the business of FOOTBALL.

He's in the microwaveable POPCORN business.

Anyways, even if he was
in the football business

as you see...click here...it took 40 years for him

to find special kernels of popcorn
that would microwave just right.

And YOU CAN"T WAIT that long for Orville
to get the recipe just right, can you?

For ME, this Labour Day matchup will be the TRUE BAROMETER test of WHERE this club is as a WHOLE ...

The COACHES have had AMPLE time to get their troops acclimated to the NEW offense. Players have had AMPLE time to PRACTICE and LEARN. The two teams have met previously. From all the FILM that is out there now, there should be NO EXCUSE for a LACK of PREPARATION on ANYONE'S behalf.

Timmy Chang, and for that matter, Ritchie Williams should be MORE than READY to EXECUTE the offense. Especially if I am to BELIEVE Taaffe's PRESS CLIPPINGS about being such a GREAT QB coach ... well the TIME is NOW to PROVE IT !!

At this LEVEL of play, 1 and 7 is ENOUGH of a break in period to START QUESTIONING some things. With the QB CHANGE, this is a PUT UP or SHUT UP situation for ALL INVOLVED. There is NO REASON this team should NOT be ABLE to COMPETE, at HOME, in a RIVALRY game.

I am not DEMANDING/EXPECTING a Win ... but what I am DEMANDING/EXPECTING is a TEAM EFFORT to be COMPETITIVE and deserving of the title "PROFESSIONAL" ...

Ill timed PENALTIES, bad play calling, and POOR execution - at this STAGE of the season - is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. If these same aformentioned TRENDS continue, this Monday, then it is ABSOLUTELY TIME to consider MAJOR CHANGES ... again. Whether it be NEW COORDINATORS, or new PLAYERS ... something will HAVE to be done.

11 WEEKS of Football is no longer akin to MICROWAVING - these guys are HALF BAKED by now and it SHOULD SHOW !!!



I wish I had your optimism but...we had 2 weeks to prepare for Montreal. Look what happened.

Orville was, having passed on to the Jiffy Popper in the sky. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

I agree with Meanstreak.
Unfortunately, I also agree with Mr62cats.

I went to Montreal expecting big things to finally happen. Can't say I'm overly optimitic about Monday, however it IS the biggest game of the season and a win on Labour Day covers up a lot of sins...

If Maas can't throw the deep ball anymore, Taaffe needs to adjust and let him settle for more intermediate routes so that you can actually burn defenses for stacking 8 men in the box to stop the run. As oski pointed out, defenses don't fear your long ball. However, they fear Lumsden, so you have to find a way to make them pay for stopping the run. We've had the same problem with Calvillo in terms of the deep ball. For whatever reason, be it age or receivers, A.C. is not really capable of throwing long bombs for strikes on a consistent basis anymore. Which is why you're seeing West Cost Anthony and his Ball Control Birds instead of the gunslinging Calvillo of old.

You guys have quality receiving talent with Ralph, Walker, Curry, and Armstead. It's just a question of players executing and the coaches playing to the QB's strengths, not his weaknesses.