Microwave Mentality

If we are all wondering what's wrong with the TiCats and what it will take to get better, the answer is patience. The existing coaching and management staff have to be given the time to develop a system and the players to execute it.

Hamilton has a reputation for "cut this guy" "fire that guy". What has this resulted in?

Taaffe, Desjardins, Ham, Rambo, are quality football people and I have faith they can rebuild this franchise and produce a winner.

Coming on this website and spewing negativity is only going to turn people off and achieves nothing.

Microwave mentality or instant gratification doesn't work in football, as Coach Taaffe said. The TiCats record over the past few years proves it.

This attitude is just a reflection of society in general today. I want what I want NOW. People no longer know how to work for anything. They want it given to them immediately.

We are the 4th years of Bob's 5 year plan. I have been going to games since 1972 and this is the worse 4 year span ever. :thdn:

I think we've had lots of patience, we stuck with Marshal for a season and a half of losing. We stuck with Maas at QB for a season and a half of losing. We will stick with key people over seasons of losing.

We are 8 weeks into the season plus 2 preseason games. We just don't seem to be improving. It's getting real hard to watch.This is suppose to be entertainment but all I feel in frustration....The team is lacking in Leadership. On offence, that comes from your Quarterback...It's time to CHANGe things up.

Bob admitted he made mistakes by hiring people in key positions that had no experience. He rectified that by hiring people like Taaffe and Desjardins. The last four years aren't going to turn around over-night. If everyone's answer is to fire/cut people the team is never going to progress.

Have you took a Good Look at our Coaching Staff ???
How many have CFL Experience????
There is your Main Problem...
The Choice of Staff with no CFL Experience.
Most have never coached in CFL or Even in the Pros's
I don't call NFL Europe a Pro league
that league was a Joke.
Much like our Season.

Popcorn ready in 90 seconds....mmmmm

True, Taaffe's assistants aren't loaded with CFL experience and I think we are seeing some of that on the field.

You all know how Much I Supported the Hiring of Charlie
You all know I bleed black and Gold..
I held off being Real Rotten till now..
Cause I Believe in Charlie as a Coach.
The Gloves are off.. I am Mad and Not going to take it.

Yes, but still start Chang next game right?

All I can say is that I hope some day I will get a boss and employer like you Maas supporters. I can't imagine being paid $300,000+ and screwing up every day I go to work and still have a job. Man that would be great. Don't think the company would be around long but who cares, I got my big bucks.I wonder how long the Cats can continue at this pace?

Some people need to really think before they start new threads...

With all due respect, people are discussing microwave mentalities when this team isn't even Easy Bake Oven quality...

:D :D :D

Trying to bring some levity into an extremely annoying evening, but I digress!

Oski Wee Wee,

Microwave mentality or instant gratification doesn't work in football, as Coach Taaffe said. The TiCats record over the past few years proves it.
And coach Taaffe has proven he knows everything? No one is asking for everyone to be cut - Coach Taaffe, the man of great patience, has pretty much already done that, we're just asking to relieve the team of the big boil that is hurting them so much.

Some people just really need to think.

Why not?

Then I suggest you give it a try some time, you may just find it beneficial.

I would never give up on this team!! I dont think cutting players is the answer. yes, ofcourse I would change our starting quarterback!!! Its about time. I think fans have shown that they can be patient. 4 years of horrible football. And amazing fan support. Best in 30 years.

I hate to say it, but I dont think the team really believes in Jason anymore!! The entire team looks fed up!! Yes, I do think Jason has heart and is a team player. But he isnt getting it done.

I think Taafe has to shake it up by starting Chang.Im not saying this will turn the team around completely, but I think we will see a different dynamic on this team. Let Chang or another quarterback give some new life into this team!!!

Because we sure need it!!

You see, you have been trolling this site all night taking personal shots at your favorite targets. This is why you are called a troll and need to find a better hobby.

People aren't born as negative as you are; there is always a cause. You are surely carrying around excessive fear, anger, guilt or resentment. Perhaps you not receiving enough love from your parents?

Whatever the cause there are solutions. If you get some help now you can go onto live a fulfilling life. If you don't then you are destined to live under an emotional bridge spreading negativity to other people. It's your choice.