Mickey Mouse Clock

With 6:35 left in the Rider/RedBlack game Ottawa is 3rd down and punting. They run off 20 seconds before getting illegal procedure. Ottawa backs up 5 yards and the clock starts ticking again. They run off another 20 seconds with the Riders getting the ball back at 5:53.

Would not have changed the outcome of the game but total bs.

The Canadian clock rules are BS. I don’t believe that other than the last 3 minutes of a quarter that a penalty halts the game clock to the next snap. The clock almost always runs with the play clock.

The clock runs on an open field tackle without change of possession or a score or penalty for however long it takes for the sticks to be reset and the referee to blow the play clock in. The game clock runs on convert attempts.

There is so much arbitrary time wasting until the rules change at the 3-minute warning.

It is what it is. It’s different than the NFL. OK. So?

Also, the same amount of time would have clicked off in the NFL, with all 40 seconds taken during the first play.

But then, this is the CFL. With its own rules. And those rules were followed. Case closed.

Ottawa could have taken 6 consecutive penalties and run off 2 minutes if they wanted to. Not case closed.

Excellent first post Walter.

Its a darn shame the guys running the game know less than the average fan about the various mechanics of running a live game.

Earlier this season the clock was running on convert attempts - which are usually dead ball plays. Nobody seemed to care - nobody was disciplined.

So you can imagine the level of distrust and chaos within actual on-field calls that require some level of brain-power/evaluation.

The eye in the sky was supposed to clean up some of this mess - perhaps now its worse!

My observation is the clock usually stops when a runner is tackled or a receiver catches the ball inside the boundaries. In the NFL the clock continues to run unless there's a penalty, an incompletion. It often runs if the runner goes out of bounds.

The CFL deemed many years ago that the 20 sec. clock allows too little time for teams to get their plays in, re-set their alignment and call audibles.

My response - and I've advocated this for many years is to create a 24 sec. clock but allow time to continue while the teams re-set. With 24 players, coaches sending in creative alignments (both on offense & D) you really need a 24-clock vs. the current 20 - and the game might proceed without so many stop, starts & resets which really grind on the fans at the facility plus the 1/3 to nearly a million watching!

For the first penalty the clock runs again. For any subsequent penalty the clock is held.

Article 4 - Time In
After a time out for any reason, time shall start again on the signal of the Refereefor any of the following reasons:
When it is snapped after Team A creates two consecutive fouls prior to the ball being put legally into play prior to the last three minutes of any half

I believe the CFL stops clock on in-bounds tackles but only until the ball is placed and play whistled in, allowing for more plays.

If the clock runs after a player is ruled to have gone out of bounds that is, I believe, in both leagues an error; the term “ruled” is key as sometimes refs declare a player downed in-bounds while they are rolling/bouncing/crawling out-of-bounds.

Thank you for that stats junkie. I’ll move on.

The clock is horrid in the CFL,the worst management in any pro sports.
There is no consistency.
They changed it in the last few years.
I have watched intensely this lack of clock manangement and how it is purely arbitrary on the head official when to rule it in or stop.
Even though there is the 20 seconds clock, it happens quite regularly how more than 1 minute can elapse between plays.

Didn’t know that, thanks stats for that info. The clock has never been much of an issue for me watching CFL games but then that’s just me.

I have watched intensely this lack of clock manangement and how it is purely arbitrary on the head official when to rule it in or stop. Even though there is the 20 seconds clock, it happens quite regularly how more than 1 minute can elapse between plays.
I like this rule actually as it gives the refs some determination if a team is trying to do stuff like not getting into formation fast enough. Keeps the ref on their toes with the clock and this behaviour.

The clock runs on convert attempts except in the last 3 minutes. So, no, they aren’t “usually” dead ball plays.

Rule 1 Section 7 Article 4:

"After a touchdown, time shall stop and shall resume when the Referee declares the ball in play for a convert attempt, except during the last three minutes of a half, when time shall resume when the ball is touched on the ensuing kickoff. "

As an amateur official I can assure you that the timing of CFL games is very consistent to the rules of the game. They are slightly different than the rules we implement from CIS on down, but they are very similar. As far as them being the "worst in any pro sports", well, you're entitled to your opinion I guess, but a bigger issue is how many coaches have poor knowledge of football timing, especially near the ends of Q2 and Q4. I've seen many promising drives run out of time because coaches didn't under stand how to conservethe clock with their play selection and execution.

The officials in the booth that run the stadium clocks are amateur officials who have a full understanding of timing....but sometimes old and broken down equipment make their lives miserable.

In the last three minutes of both halves the clock stops after EVERY play. It re-starts on the snap or on the ready depending on how the play before it ended. Officials have no ability to "free style" this part of the game....there's a very strict procedure and if they don't follow it they'd be sent down to minor ball before their whistle got cold.

As far as 1 full minute (of playtime)running off the clock between plays "quite regularly", no. Never happens.