Mick & The Boys Cost Us MTL game?

The Stones concert forced the Gades to practice at Ottawa U (disrptive) and not have access to their film room at Frank clair stadium--thus --CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?--they did no film prep for the ALS game on Sept. 3 in MTL!

OK --so we had problems stopping the ALS running game--and we lost the battle not only on the D-line vs. the ALS O-line,but also their D-line kept beating the interior 3 of our O-line ..so i doubt film work coulda done anything about a straight power game---but Hudson and Cheron played terrible football (obviously they were still on "break"--and St. Germain 's mind was occupied as his wife was about to give birth.. Nevertheless ,it might have helped for Joseph to be in the film room--he loked to confused till
the 4th quarter late--when MTL softened up with the big lead...

I hope this isn't true. If the Renegades can't find a way to study game film because their usual film room is occupied, then they really need to get a wittier coaching staff. What is so though about finding a big room with a video and a whiteboard in Ottawa?