Mick Jagger escapes notice in North Carolina bar!

Mick Jagger "went unnoticed" at a North Carolina Dive Bar

Keeping it real at the Thirsty Beaver in the face of modern urban encroachment:

No wonder Mick went there. I mean how could you not?



"Co-owner of the Thirsty Beaver Brian Wilson tells me Mick Jagger went unnoticed last night," Joe Bruno, a reporter for local Charlotte TV station WSOC [confirmed in a tweet] "Turns out the people to the right of him in this photo have floor tickets to the show tonight and they didn’t even realize it was him!"


Looks like Mick was "Waiting on a Friend" while the people to the right, "Can't always get what you want".


If you lived in the building AROUND the bar.

It looks like the bar was there long before the apartments and they built them around the bar. That's pretty wild.

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that's an 'internet' friend of mines bar. he was sending us photos' as Mick was there. Yes, the bar was there well before the condos. The bar had a partnership. One partner wanted to sell to the condo developer. The other guy bought out the partner, and refused to sell to the condo developer. You see the result.

Mick was there for about 2 hours. He tipped very nicely.

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This is classic and a boss move as it would have been even in their youth in the 60s. I hope some of the other classic performers and artists try these sorts of stunts on the sly and pull it off too.

Gotta love those holdouts when those developers prowl around - this is a classic case of a high double bird in their direction as well

Are the Stones busy on December 12th they usually have some love for the Canadian fans .

That would be a real treat for CFL fans .

No wonder Mick wasn't recognized because he looks like a homeless bum. When the Stones played Burl's Creek outside of Barrie a few years ago. The Stones stayed at the casino where I work at. Which is a 45 minute drive. They didn't stay in Toronto or Barrie but in Rama First Nations Reserve. Mick stayed in his room, brought his personal chef, asked for a private Blackjack room and didn't play. The only Stone that came on the floor was Ronny Wood who played Craps.

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