Dear Mr Daley,

Please start Mr. Michna next game against Montreal. I know this is not part of the plan, but until the Bomber fans witness him getting crushed for a quarter or two they won't lay off the bitching.

Then you can play Wynn for the remainder of that game. When all is said and done, the Bombers will be 0 & 5, but at least we'll have a starting qb, Glenn, and the fans will quieten up - until they start demanding we trade Wynn for Printers straight up. When that doesn't happen we'll scream until Taman is strung up at Portage & Main.

Let's give Daley a break. The O-Line shaped up brilliant.

thank you AirCanada

How many games is Daley going to give him to score a touchdowns. If Daley wanted to give the guy a chance, why didn't he name him as the man in training camp and go with him from the start? It just seems that they wasted the training camp for what they are doing now.

Lets face it, starting T ahead of Wynn while Glenn is out was a bad call by Daley. Wynn has some experience and one would think should have caught on to the bomber system much faster then young T has. Daley gambled and lost and now we are 0-4 because of it.

Wynn did nothing in the pre-season. I liked what I saw with the BB's against Edmonton. Tee showed up to play. He took hits. He made plays.

And got ZERO TD's, and Crappy yards.
Face it, Martin has done NOTHING, except suck.

I feel sorry for the BB's defence. They play their heart out, and get no help. It's pretty sad when the defence has almost as many TD's as your offence.


It's extremely difficult to argue with the kind of philosophy; rational, consistent, intelligent fans want the same thing. Success. Right? However, the problem isn't with Martin. I believe Martin can be THE marquee guy because Wynn or Glenn might not do any better with the offense. The athleticism Martin has, really peaks my interest. Honestly.

So if the problem isn't Martin then what is it? The O-line played a much more solid game. The recievers, although aren't where they should be, are playing better. There's nothing wrong with Charlie. Face it, its the quarterback. If Ricky Ray were running the same offense, there'd be points. I don't disagree with Daley in starting Martin in the last game. You have to give a guy time, and a solid chance to develop. But when its the guys third start and by the 4th quarter he's not showing anything, pull him. See if Michna or Wynn can spark the offense. Do something to try and win the game. Don't just stand there and accept your fate. For the record, I'm excited about seeing Michna play, but he's not ready, and I've seen nothing to impress me about Wynn. Glenn should be the #1 once he's ready to go again, and he deserves a few games to settle in.

How many touchdowns does Martin have? 1
How many passing yards, total? 379
Passing percentage? 43.2

No, No, No, I must be wrong...the problem doesn't lie with the QB...I must be imagining things....

You're tossing the guy into the pack of wolves, (e.g. Martin) and now we're saying he's nothing but a "wet-volley?" That's hardly fair of you... Martin's situation is he's green. Let him be the kermit for a while, we'll get used to it... then he'd be more capable and we'd be willing to forget. We're not trapped in some nightmare scenario, but it could be.

Those are stats. Look at the guy playing, he’s not incompetent. That’s what I like about him. Very smart at the controls.

It isn't throwing him to the wolves, it's pointing out facts. And the facts don't lie.

Look at Casey Printers last year. He was green. He had played very, very little CFL football before he had to step up and fill in for DD. He went 11-0 or 12-0 before even losing a game. And he also dominated most games he was in. He got the job done, Martin cannot.

When you have QB's like Wynn (who has played CFL), and Michna (the most impressive QB in camp), you have options. You don't have to stick with the loser.

Martin may one day be a good CFL QB. Now is not the time to play the 'wait and see' game. We need results.

Results. I completely respect that. Therefore, looking at Martin as though we're unaware* of what he's capable of answers what? We're arguing cirularly... and that doesn't negate anything you're telling me. I FEEL, a dominant team doesn't change their main NUCLEUS (i.e.QB) in order to succeed. I think we can agree to disagree on that point.

Although you bring up Printer's, it's a frustratiing example... you SEE? Dickenson is their starter, and he boasts the best recievers next to Edmonton's in the West. Martin can pull himself as the starter. I'm convinced of this.

The defence has been changed in every game so far, and guess what? It got results. They brought in some new guys, shuffled some around, and made things work.

The same can be done on offence. Shuffle things up. Let the players know that we/they will not tolerate failure. Daley has a very 'hum drum' attitude on everything. He blames it all on rebuilding and a young QB. He accepts the loss even before the game begins. He shows no emotion, no care in the team. It's got to be hard for the players to play for a guy like that, unless they too are also pathetic. It's pretty sad when we, the fans, get more excited about the team then their own head coach does.

You mention recievers. Sure BC and EDM have good recievers, but so do we. We just have the wrong ones in the game. And, most of our incompletes are due to under-throw, over-throw, not dropped balls, even though they do contibute (stupid Kamau Peterson). I have seen 'some' improvement in Martin, but very little. Not enough to warrant him staying in the as the 'starter'. It's time for a change.

[quote="bigcanadiano"]a dominant team doesn't change their main NUCLEUS (i.e.QB) in order to succeed.

When the Bombers start to dominate, we'll leave him in.

I know you think Martin has the 'smarts' to be the starter - I completely disagree. His atrocious play, and lack of knowledge of the game make it clear to me that he doesn't have the smarts.

The guy's a great athlete, but a complete lunkhead.

Cut our losses. Michna/Wynn if Glenn can't start.

bigcan- are you daley?? how can you possibly say he made plays. he was beyond brutal. he had time, his receivers actually showed up for him for once... however a recevier can only run down your passes if they are in the general location of the receiver. i sure hope you weren't one of the screamers against k jones b/c his fault was that he made his receveirs run after his passes but at least his passes were catchable. did you happen to watch prefontaines fake punt play last week. that was a perfectly thrown ball. he is a punter. tee is supposed to be a qb and can't do that well. not yet. maybe he will develop as a 2nd stringer. should be 3rd at best right now. to care so little about this season is making a lot of fans very upset with management and that does affect team support/ticket sales. they are treating our whole season as a preseason for next year and that is not acceptable. our team is not that bad... right now our coaching is.

and a side note... what are they thinking not playing stoddard. that bothers me almost as much as our non existent offense.

and lastly. way to go stokes. great game.