Michna moved to No 2!

Its true, so if glenn isnt good to go michna will, but it looks like glenn will be ready to go, so either way were good!

I like it but I said it before... if Glenn looks like he isn't going a 100% during the game then ...MICHNA HAS TO BE THE MAN.... :arrow:

He is one step closer at #2.......FINALLY !!!!

Can you please provide a link or source that notes Michna is now number 2? I sure hope he is, but I read the papers this morning, and didn't see anything saying that Michna has officially been moved to number 2.

I heard on 'OB that Michna took a fair number of 1st team snaps - which is a pretty clear indicator that he's moved up the ladder.

Yes Michna took as many first team reps as Glenn with Tee working the scout team, haha.

This is sounding like we are starting to settle the QB. starter(s) dilemma....I feel as though the No. 1 and No. 2 guys we have (providing they stay healthy) are giving this team the stability and direction we have lacked from day one....suddenly things look a lot better....Michna or Glenn I'M happy with that... :arrow:

Michna and Glenn ARE what we've needed all along. Screw you Sammy Garza and Tee Martin. Tom Poras was better then you guys.

Bombers are starting to pick good decisons. First they got rid of Kamau Peterson for Brazzel. Then they got McDonald, Now they might get Hall. But since they moved Michna to 2nd string next will be Martin GONE!

Trade Tee for anything... even a draft pick.

Draft pick...ummm maybe....how about he trade him for some hair dye for Daley....I think that would be a pretty good trade...really...I do....

Its official - http://www.winnipegsun.com/Sports/Footb ... 7-sun.html

Quote from todays Winnipeg Sun: "Bombers head coach Jim Daley announced yesterday that No. 1 quarterback Kevin Glenn, who hurt his thumb last Saturday in Calgary, is almost certain to start for the Bombers (1-6) against the Tabbies (0-6).

The coach also revealed, however, that Michna, the left-handed rookie, has been moved into the No. 2 spot on the depth chart, bumping Tee Martin down to No. 3.

"In terms of limited exposure we've had to the other quarterbacks, Russ has demonstrated a poise and a production," Daley said. "In all three instances they were in the fourth quarter.

"We are optimistic that that production could still be as evident if it was earlier in a game."

Wow, that's a back door support If I ever heard it.

How about this Daley" Well the 14 quarters we have seen Tee play, the poor reads, loosy passes, dropped balls, crappy dission making, were because....HE EFFN SUCKED"

Fans would be more "optimistic" if Daley wasn't the head coach.

All I can say is FINALLY! Our chance of beating the ti-cats just got a heck of alot better. Took Daley awhile to figure out that Michna should be ahead of Interception Tee...

...and I would add.... Michna ... just might be the best QB. WE HAVE.....better start knockin' em dead Glenn...... :arrow:

You've got to give Daly some credit for at least moving Michna up on the depth chart. Remember last week he said Martin was 2nd in line.

Not sure if I would gave to much credit to Daley for the move. My guess is Bauer threatened to club him like a baby seal if he didn't.

:lol: ..... baby seal ......?

We say that Michna is the best we have but in pre-season they never played Wynn much. He's the best we've got, he did great in BC. After this year he's leaving and we're going to lose a great QB.

have to agree with you about Wynns talent and abilities....could never figure this trade out (No. 1 pick for him)...and then they just let him gather dust on the bench.....strange move by us......still think Michna... given the playing time ...will be better than Wynn...Glenn...and definitely Martin.... :!: