Micheal Vick Experience

Another Great Commercial. Looked a lot better on a Hi Def TV though.

Anyways the New Micheal Vick Experience would probably be a little different.

I wish him well.

Am I missing something?

First...what is the 'Michael Vick Experience'...and why do you wish him well?



There is the Micheal Vick Experience.

The reason I wish him well is just me and my good nature of not wanting to wish anything bad on people, I guess. In Fact, I wish you well too.

Thryllin, how about Paul Bernardo, you don't wish anything bad on him? Just curious, that's all.

No. Why bother wasting my time thinking about a serial killer and rapist. However, I do not understand how Homolka is out of jail and he is not.

True about wasting time thinking about him but once in while, for whatever reason sometimes from watching TV or whatever, him and others like him pop in my mind. I do have a hard time not wishing bad on them but I suppose the Ghandi in me thinks otherwise.

Homolka, oh boy, different story there.

Why does Michael Vick need a line of credit from a Canadian bank for $2.5 million when the guy has millions of dollars? Weird.

Vick defaults on $2.5M loan from Canadian bank, suit says

[url=http://www.ajc.com/falcons/content/sports/falcons/stories/2007/09/25/vicksuit_0926_web.html]http://www.ajc.com/falcons/content/spor ... 6_web.html[/url]

Im sure many athletes/rich people do that. I dunno though, it doesnt say where he was buying property and maybe it was easier to do it this way? I dunno, just thinking.