Micheal Soles ALS battle

Read on the esksfans.com forum that Soles has been battling ALS for eight years ! Very sad news to me anyway. Always liked him as a player and a person. :cry:

Oui. Il y a eu un article là-dessus le printemps dernier.

According to one of his friends he is now wheelchair bound and has also lost motor skills in his upper arm and speech....

I remember the first time I heard of him, watching him play for Mcgill in a Vanier Cup game years and years ago. Sad to hear what has happened. I wish the best for him.

SHT! Another one? SHT!

I was so delighted to see Mike lead McGill to a Vanier Cup and, play with Als. Its real sad to have some of our finest athletes victimized by such a horrible illness.