Micheal Jenkins on the trading block

The Als made it official: Michael Jenkins is available for a trade.

Don Matthews said it's doubtful we'd see Jenkins play any game this season with the Als. Jenkins asked to be traded and Popp said that's what he wanted too.

Eric Lapointe is Don Mathhews' #1 guy this season, and Robert Edwards should be #2. The Als also keep Jonas Lewis.

So who wants Michael Jenkins, and what would you give for him?

What about Jenkins for Jason Maas? We need an appropriate back-up...

CJAD anounced today that Jenkins agreed to go on the practice roster
Hey Edmonton, you can get even for Mtl grabbing Landry

.........jenkins for maas to the rest of us looks like a pretty decent trade, each team becoming stonger in the deal.......but Hughie won't go for it, he'll look to come out ahead.........Popp would have to sweeten the deal with something else........also, if maas were to go who'd be #2 in edmonton, I dont' even know who #3 is right now but I doubt the EE faithful would be too comfortable with whoever it is leading the show if Ray were ever to go down......maas is staying where he is......

Tough call. I have kind of been waiting to see what's happening with Jenkins. Would love to see him come to the Esks and we have a bona fide #1 QB available to trade. Can't see the Als being interested in Jason Maas but maybe a three way would work somehow.

We know that the Bombers and Ti-Cats need a QB. Sorry Bomber fans, but yes Maas is better than anybody youv'e got now. I'm just not quite sure what the Als would be looking for in trade. Anyone got any ideas on this?

As far as who would become #2. We have our own young unknown player in Jason Johnson. He showed enough to put himself ahead of Khari Jones and would get the first chance I would think if Ray goes down.

If we could get Jenkins off the practice roster even better but I'm not going to hold my breath on that one. I know there are a lot of fans who want to see McClendon and Joseph given a longer look, but I am convinced that they don't scare any defensive co-ordinaters and I really don't want to see us continuing to experiment until halfway through the season.


i think johnson sticking around instead of khari was a financial decision not a talent one. however maas to wpg wynn and sotddard and a pick to mont jenkins and a good pick to edm. i hoep this would never happen. more likely edm will wait awhile to see how their rbs do. and then if they want jenkins they will steal him for nothing at that point.

You may be right about Jenkins. I would think if they wait that long somebody else might steal him first. Did he not win "rookie of the year" in his first season? That deal you proposed sounds reasonable, Wynn can carry the clipboard.

As far as Johnson goes, that may have had something to do with it but I don't think it was the determining factor. Johnson was the #3 here last year and had a great camp and pre-season. I watched him in TC and in action against Winnepeg and he showed a lot of promise, plus he is only 25.


if the blue let go of stoddard but hold on to mc garity and or peterson i will just about lose it.

blackdale- it was partially financial, but if you add up all of the pertaining factors, it was definitely more than that. Jason Johnson is young, cheap, has showed a lot of promise the last two years in training camp and exhibition- he also wouldn’t mind being third string behind two proven CFL QBs. Khari is an awesome guy and excellent team player, but he is expensive and he isn’t getting any younger. Furthermore, I’d don’t think he’d like being 3rd string. But, alas, I’m rambling here, so on with the topic at hand.

jenkins would be an excellent pickup, but I agree with the esks fans that want to give elvis joseph and mclendon more time. joseph is likely to play and he had 14 carries for 72 yards (5.1 avg) against Ottawa before his injury in week 1. i kinda like the idea of a one-two punch with those two in the backfield. mclendon is great out of the backfield, and both have shown they are solid blockers, which is critical for a predominantly passing team like the esks. Granted, they probably won’t dress two import RBs, but we’ll have to see.

sorry guys, i guess this post would be more interesting for eskie fans than anything.

PS what kind of pay does jenkins get?

not that it matters to us... :wink:

Tor will make a move for Jenkins, Bring the guy back home...
Avery is on his way out of TO Anyway

How long are you willing to wait while defenses continue to plan on pinning their ears back and coming at Ricky Ray because they know that we have no running threat? As far as Goldie being a solid blocker, have you been watching? The guy is 5'9" and 170 lbs man. I respect his ability to make people miss in the open field, but I am not convinced that he that outstanding to be able to bust it off tackle and certainly has his hands full with defensive players weighing 50-60 lbs more than him. Just my opinion, but I want to see a guy back there that other teams have to consider when planning a defense against us and he hasn't shown me he's that guy in four games including the pre season. How many games are you willing to wait?

Maybe Joseph will be the guy, but did you see the play he got injured on? Nobody touched him. His history in the NFL was one of being on and off the injured list and we don't have the roster spots available like they did in Jacksonville.


it doesn't matter how big the guy is- from what I've seen he has picked up all of his assignments successfully when he's been in on passing downs. and charles roberts isn't huge either, but look what he can do if he gets decent blocks and a reasonable number of carries per game. ronnie has 16 carries in three games. 5 carries a game isn't going to get it done, an RB needs 15-20 to be successful.

none of us really know what joseph can do. i agree with you, jenkins would be a great pickup, but I guess what I'm sayin is don't give up on the guys we have just yet. speaking of "i'm sayin", where is that guy? haven't heard from him in ages...

how about jenkins to winnipeg in a trade for a qb or sumthing who knows? im bot sure how many winnipeg fans will agree with me or not but i think the bombers need another rb NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR ROBERTS but another rb. cuz lets face it without getting outside or without a hole roberts is inafective. regimbald our fb is a good blocker but doesnt get it done running. im not sure if jenkins is any more of a power runner than roberts cuz i cant remember jenkins playing :? but i think it would definately be a good investment for the bombers to try to get another skilled rb that is a bit bigger and stronger and is capable of running north south and wont rely quite as much on the oline, remember roberts and sellers = deadly, we wont get another sellers but sumone with speed that break a few more tackles than roberts

Bring Jenkins back to T.O.!!!

I would not be surprised if the Eskimos just plucked him off the practise roster. Then they don't have to give anything for him. If it is involving a trade, I think just a draft pick and maybe a backup defensive back would do it for Jenkins.

Or instead of a backup defensive back maybe Andrew Nowacki. A solid Canadian receiver. The Als need some depth at the WR position.

Depth at WR? I don't think so. The Als are pretty much covered in receivers, linemen and linebackers.

We lack depth in the DB and the QB areas.