Micheal Bishop's First Game as a Rider

What do you think of Michael Bishop first game?

He won the game. Gotta like that. He played to his strengh by running with the ball when requires. He didn't do anything to cause them to lose the game. He was out of sink with his recievers, which was to be expected. He will be OK, but I bet that Durant starts in Winnipeg.

I voted no, but I'll at least explain my answer...

I don't mind Bishop, but because we've got a guy who has looked much better behind him in Durant, I voted no.

I agree with Dust. He did well, and got the win, but I don't know if he should be the #1 guy for sure.

Scoring 12 offensive points against the worst team in the league is not a big feat. I say give him the start next week again against WPG and see what he can do in better weather conditions and with a little more practice with the team and then decide. If we don't distroy them, let Durrant take a crack starting against BC.

Bishop didn't win the game.

His numbers were mediocre, as they have been throughout his career.

Richie Hall and the defence won that game. If you hold the other guys to two field goals, I could QB the team to a win.

Well maybe.

Don't like him, don't need him, but i guess i'll support him.....HE did not win the game.....He contributed, along with Outstanding D, 4 penalties, and a craptastic Bomber team.....

Bishop did what he needed to do to win. I would prefer to see Durant have a chance to start with Bishop sitting in the wings. For me, the worst possible scenario would be for Bishop to be annointed starter and still struggle. Whereas if Durant struggles, someone with experience is sitting in the wings. Just my thoughts.

Wait tell sunday, Big Bish will light up the skies. Give him some time to learn more of the playbook, him and the recievers seemed to get mixed up a lot, I don't think that is playbbok issues though.

Durants no ready yet also.

How many times have I heard that about Bishop?

Durant will be ready, but he won't start Sunday.

and why is it you dont think he'll start?

Durant deserves to be the starter, he will get the chance, i loved the screen passes Durant was doing with Cates, have not seen that since he got injured, Bishop was a contributor to the Riders win over the Bombers to say he wasn't was a poor evaluation

Michael Bishop made what would have been many 2 and outs into extended drives and even if no points were scored we had Winnipeg starting in their own end most of the game. When Marcus was at the helm he was usually 2 and out because he couldn't scramble to make something out of nothing. In those games we badly lost the battle of field position.

Michael Bishop has to start our next game. To do anything else would be to undermine bringing him here
in the first place. In fact he needs to start several more - win or lose - and then we can evaluate whether he should be the Rider's starting QB.

Win or lose I don't think so as soon as Bishop struggles Durant should go in. IMO this is his team and he should be leading it.

I'm okay with Bishop as QB, but I can see Durant playing in Winnipeg if Bishop struggles in the banjo bowl.

He just got to the team. His knowlegde of the offence is limited.

HE will improve.

He played a very safe game. The team was coached that way so Bishop could perform to his best without knowing the offence that well.

One INT. Which caused us no damage. Chill out. Let him build confidence.

Yes Durant is the future starter.
Yes Bishop is the current starter.

Don't like him have never liked him. But aparently the staff does since they still think that he is going to play better with all of 5 days of practise over Durant........ I can do nothing but shake my head as to why we arn't letting our young tallent play especially against a bottom dweller in the Peg.

Well, if it's any consolation, I'm sure no one at Riderville is losing sleep over your lack of approval.

However, feel free to call Ken Miller and ask for his advice on how to do your job.

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