Micheal Bishop to the Roughriders??

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To the casual observer it would seem that the only team affected by Casey Printers’ off-season signing with the Kansas City Chiefs is the British Columbia Lions, his employer for the last three years. However, the fact is that the club whose quarterbacking picture is most impacted by the move is actually the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

If you polled the Canadian Football League’s nine general managers at the conclusion of the 2005 season, eight of them would have told you that they would be comfortable kicking off ’06 with their current situation at quarterback. The lone dissenter of course would be Roy Shivers in Saskatchewan. Shivers likes Nealon Greene and Marcus Crandell but recognizes that in the case of Greene in particular that it would likely be best for both the player and the organization if they moved in a new direction. But not too new. The Riders don’t want to overhaul their whole offensive system and as a result still require a quarterback who is a threat as a ball carrier.

Heading into the off-season, everyone around the league knew that at least three, and possibly four pivots would be changing addresses. The CFL’s worst kept secret was that Edmonton’s Jason Maas and Hamilton’s Danny McManus would be swapping jerseys. The other sure bet was that one of Printers or Dave Dickenson would become a former Lion. Printers, who passed for over 5,000 yards and led all CFL QBs with 469 rushing yards in his 2004 MVP season, would appear to be a perfect match for the Green Riders.

However, another fact that became clear was that as B.C.’s head coach and GM, Wally Buono’s first choice was to sign the younger Printers to an extension and trade the still very marketable Dickenson. While Saskatchewan would have been thrilled to have the two-time West Division Most Outstanding Player under centre, Double D would require them to change their offensive system to better suit his talents. So, Dickenson became Plan B.

Plan A was to bank on the possibility that Kerry Joseph would be deemed unfit to run John Jenkins’ O in the nation’s capital. With Corey Holmes having established himself as a superstar in Regina, and Ottawa’s Josh Ranek likely to depart via free agency, Shivers could offer the Renegades running back Kenton Keith in return and everybody would be happy. However, fate intervened in the form of a five-year, $2,000,000 contract extension for Joseph in Ottawa, which left the Roughriders to turn to Plan B…Dickenson, though inconvenient, a great consolation prize.

Of course, the moment Printers spurned the Lions to pursue his NFL dreams in K.C. Dickenson became unavailable and Printers’ reported $100,000 signing bonus suggests there’s a pretty good chance he won’t be returning to Vancouver for his option year. If Saskatchewan still wants to make a change at quarterback it won’t be through free agency where Montreal’s 250-pound backup, Ted White, is the only pivot available. For those who are interested in speculation, perhaps the best option out there is Toronto’s Michael Bishop. Former Heisman Trophy winner Eric Crouch’s recent workout with the Argonauts was deemed a success and could be perceived as an indication that the club is ready to cut ties with Bishop. The former Kansas State standout has spent the last two off-seasons becoming an Arena League superstar and the suggestion last year was that he’s happier doing that than carrying a clipboard in Canada. However, if the Green Riders offered him an opportunity to start in a system that seems to be tailored to his skill set perhaps he would be more interested in returning to the CFL in 2006.

I have gone on record many times stating how in my opinion Bishop is a work in progress and will make a good first stringer. With the best arm in football.

There is not a lot of option left for the Riders so I wouldn't mind seeing Greene let go and Bishop battle it out with Crandell for the starting position. Having Holmes and a healthy Dominguez will be a big boost to either of these quarterbacks effectiveness.

heard Bishop has had enough of the CFL and will focus on the arena league where he has been successful......whatever happened to all the good young talent the Riders had at qb in years past.....there has to be somebody in the system who is ready for a shot....what about the return of reggie slack....

if Bishop was offered a starting job in teh CFL, i think he'd be back....doesnt a CFL starter command more money than in arena league ( which is a joke and gets no respect )?

At this point, I think the Riders should be willing to give just about anyone a shot. We've suffered at QB long enough, and maybe Bishop would fit in nicely.....

bet we see Khari in green & white at some point this season...

is the Rider colors Green and White, or Green and Black???

seems like Green and Black to me.

Just might help the Rider's cause...you never know he might have a few seasons left in him..

i say, why not?

unless the riders are holding out for doug flutie to sign on with the Gades, then the gades trading kerry joseph to the riders...lol

KK, thier colours should be the green and silver ( pants )...lol

Green and white, Kanga.....and it wouldn't surprise me if Shiv is holding out for the ultimate trade, which will likely never materialize.....

As long as flutie doesn't dress in Rider colours...it works for me..