Micheal Bishop starting QB

Check out Michael Bishop at www.ccheammerheads.com .
Seems bishop landed with the corpus christi hammerheads.
And so can you for only a 50 dollar tryout fee available in team store.

Opps www.cchammerheads.com :roll:

I don't understand why a CFL team does not invite Bish to camp on a wait and see basis.
He still has something left in the tank.

Doesn't surprise me at all, I expect we've seen the last of him in the CFL.

Is there something left in the tank? Probably a few interceptions.................

Did you see the ad for the next game on April 18th?

Ruff Riders are in town :lol:

Ok Everyone Knows by now that "Bish" cant pass ,He can throw it far but theres no guidance system on his rockets Passes!! SO why not do the reverse of a Kerry Joseph, who was a safety converted by Pao Poa to QB, IMO "Bish" would make a great SB/reciever/ tailback . what a great move if any H.C has the ____ IMHO

The difference may be that Bishop is not that good of a runner. KJ, even at QB, looks like a rb/sb once he tucks it and goes. Bishop, despite his athletic frame, looks like a quarterback who is running. They are similar in build perhaps, but very different athletic skill sets.

that's funny.

I guess the IFL is so desperate they had to sign someone!

Maybe we can give them Ted White's phone number.

Bishop was all potential- nothing else. A while back there was a lot of chatter about the many losing QB's who played for the team. I have another player who was not mentioned in any post. I'm showing my age here but, does any other old timer recall George Ratterman ? Ratterman came to the Als in 1952. He was a very big name at the time and was an effective NFL QB. Needless to say, George Ratterman, was a flop with the Als not living up to the hype. Sam Etcheverry joined the team in 53 and was splended. To Madjack, Ratterman was a better QB than your favourite Ted White. I think TW has to be rated as the worst ever QB.

You certainly are correct there hassall, ol' Ted was certainly the worst excuse for a QB I've ever seen...........