Michaelle Jean's new discussion forum

Ok, maybe we should visit it time to time and let her know that the CFL is very important to the identity and culture of Canada.

Governor General plans regular chats on new online forum

Gov. Gen. Michaëlle Jean will launch a website later this week, featuring a set of moderated forums, a blog and live chat sessions.

Jean plans to participate in a live online chat 10 a.m. ET Wednesday at the launch of the site.

Governor General Michaelle Jean is shown in her office during an interview at her official residence, Rideau Hall in Ottawa, September 14, 2006. Jean hopes to draw Canadians together through her website.
Fred Chartrand/Canadian Press
It is not known how often the Governor General will answer questions live on the site, but she does hope to participate regularly, according to her media spokeswoman, Lucie Brosseau.

She hopes to talk in her first live session about youth issues. Two groups of Ottawa students have been recruited to help pose early questions for the chat session.

A second chat about youth issues with the media is planned later in the day.

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/technology/story/2006/09/25/jean-live.html]http://www.cbc.ca/technology/story/2006 ... -live.html[/url]

sounds good on me, but what can see do besides talking about it?

I'm not saying KK she can do anything in particular or magical but I think just pointing out to her about the CFL and it's unifying effects for discussion only is good as this could have positive effects say on funding for upgrading of stadiums or contributing perhaps to the development of amateur football in Canada, things like that maybe. Who knows where something can lead when it gets into the mind of someone as important as a Governor General.

But people in goverment and not have been voicing their love for the CFL for years, what will change with the GG all of a sudden professing her love for the CFL. I'm not agarist you idea by any means, and will e-mail her myself, but I don't know how much an impact it will have, and I'm not otomistic about it.

Well, I do agree with you point, and will say it's not a otomatic thing discussing something with her and any potential effects.