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The Hamilton Tiger-Cats defeated the Edmonton Eskimos 38-21.
With the victory, Hamilton is now at even 1-1 for the first time in several years.

Hamilton 38 - Edmonton 21

I'm The Hamilton Tiger-Cats defeated the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 31-17 in front of capacity crowd in Tim Hortons Field for the home opener of 2018.

Winnipeg 17 - Hamilton 31

In a game in which the Hamilton Tiger-Cats should have dominated, untimely decision making and penalties costed the visitors a victory tonight at …
Hamilton 13 Saskatchewan 18

Hard to take someone seriously who uses words like "costed"

On the night in which one great player was honoured, the players’ latter former team didn’t play honourable football yesterday, as the Ticats were …
Saskatchewan 31 Hamilton 20

Looks to me like he's just posting to advertise his blog. . . something I had thought was in contravention of forum rules.

I was overlooking it because he kept to a single topic and I didn't want to discourage some kid out there but writing about the CFL. :frowning: