Michael Vick

Holy mackerel. Vick has been re-instated by the NFL!!!
What if no-one wants him??? Maybe Obie will bring him here!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!

Sorry 'bout that. <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: --> 

I figgered sooner or later somebody would post this kind of nonsense.....so I thought I would get a jump on it. Just for the record. :lol:

I just threw up a little in my mouth so thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cruelty to Cats is against the law too

Well I suppose this thread will have some thoughts now that it's started. A second chance for Vick...........you bet your bottom dime. I will say this about Mike Vick; he can play football and the NFL knows it. :rockin:

I think they should throw doggie do-do at him every time he takes the field. :smiley:

I do not know why I'M getting into this, but wait I do; I love football, Vick loves football, we all love football. knock knock..........who's there. It's Mike Vick.......I have interest to play the game of football.......... Washington Redskins, oh boy maybe the Minnesota Vikings. ect, ect, ect, ect. PINBALL WIZARD............knock Knock. The shopping continues as Mike Vick will play football just in time before halloween. :smiley:

The guy has never passed for more than 3000 yards in a season. His QB rating is 87.5 for his career.

All this guy has is his legs.

He's good for the wildcat, but that's about it. He's got a strong but inaccurate arm.

This guy is a less than average QB and everyone thinks he's so good. He has led the Falcons to the playoffs but it was more on defense and a strong running game.

When Alge Crumpler was your leading receiver, you know that you have a problem.

And some team will still pick him up :wink:

I am all for everyone deserves a second chance, but this guy played apart in the horrible abuse of animals. If he abused children would they still have re-instated him or even released him at all? In my opinion, there is no difference. Animals are living breathing souls who have feelings. They experience sadness and pain and happiness just like you and me. What because they can't talk or walk on two feet they don't deserve the same rights we as humans enjoy?

If this guy is being re-instated, a large amount of his paycheck should go to animal cruelty causes around the world. He needs to be reminded the rest of his life, the part he played in the pain and suffering and death, of living, breathing souls.

Michael Vick does not deserve to earn a big paycheck and live in the lap of luxury. If he wants to play because he loves football and make enough to pay for a bungalo for his family and a Toyota Camry and be able to afford to take his family camping in the off season, no problem. But the rest goes to charity because time in jail means nothing. All that did was cost American taxpayers money and give him lot's of time to work out and keep in shape for his return to football.

It won't happen, but if Michael Vick was to initiate something like I have stated above, I would gain a little respect back and eventually forgive him as a human who has made a mistake. But if life goes on and all we get is "I am sorry let's play some football", I just hope we never see him in this league and I have lost a little faith in the league I enjoy in the CFL off-season.

I love football too, but if Brady had been involved with this, I would stop being a Patriots fan if they brought him back. Or if the Pats picked Vick up which they wouldn't, but I would not be a Pats fan anymore. Morals are morals. Football isn't that important when there are issues like this involved.

We aren't talking about just some money laundering scheme here. We are talking about life.

huh??? Are you sick? comparing the abuse of children to animal abuse. My gawd man shake your head!!
He allowed the fighting of pit bulls on his property - PIT BULLS!!! they were bred to fight. These aren't cute pets.
Yes it might have been cruel and they threw the book at him. He did time, and paid his debt.
In Canada he would have got a slap on the wrist!!

Intersting write up there lpattison, but… Roger Goodell and loads of others will be monitoring Vick’s reinstatement very closely and rightly so. Mike has met with the president of the Humane Society of the United States while serving his sentence. Now, he plans to work with HSUS to steer iiner youth away from dogfighting. Would I abandon the N.Y. Jets, the team I follow. Sure the mixed feelings surrounding the issue would be huge, but to abandon my team; SINCERELY NOT!!!

Good to know, Green_Gold. Thanks. I just hope he is doing this from his heart, and not just to look good and regain the faith of the fans back.

Not sick jay. I have two very young girls. You tell me the difference. Because a kid can tell you what happened?

I realize some people haven't been brought up with animals. A dog to so many lives outside and comes hunting once a year. If you have been brought up your whole life that they are just animals, and you have never known the unconditional love of an animal, than you can never know the deep connection that can develop between an animal and a human.

My last dog, I adopted when she was 8 years old. She was a puppy mill dog. Don't tell me they don't remember life in hell as she was the most gentle dog I have ever known and followed me around to make sure I was never going to leave her. All she wanted like all souls, was to love and be loved. She couldn't resist saying hi to people and didn't understand why some people couldn't be bothered with her. Especially people from foreign countries who are used to animals running around rampant and were afraid of my gentle soul.

I understand why you would think it sick to compare children and animals, but I have been around animals since a baby. My children will always have animals in their childhood lives as well, and hopefully they will appreciate these souls as much as I do as more than just something to pet and put food out for.

And why Pit Bulls in caps? Because they are banned here in Ontario and aren't as cute as labs or poodles or...

There is a reason a 'Pit Bull' was the RCA Victor logo, why 'Petey' from the Litlte Rascals was a Pit Bull, why when old family ads that used a dog in their add campaigns used Pit Bulls. Because they weren't put on this earth to be guard dogs or protect your drug stash. They are great family dogs and very good with children.

Because these dogs were bread to fight that is ok? You don't think from the images you see of these abused animals that they don't feel pain? Before they were old enough to fight they were a cute little puppy that just wanted to play and have their belly rubbed. I am sure many of these dogs never knew that love or the joy this earth could hold.

I don't expect you to understand where I am coming from, but think outside the box a little. Perhaps what society has told us all our life isn't necessarily the way it should be.

Life is Life.

Kind of a serious topic for this forum, but I am sure everyone has been thinking about it since the news broke that the NFL was re-instating him. Or even just when the news broke that he was being released.

lol You're not serious!!

I still can't believe that anyone would compare animals to children.

I'm not saying who's "right" and who's "wrong", as these are your morals and I won't judge them, but what gives something the right to live over something else just because it is "cute"?

Not sure why I am getting into this with you as from your other posts, you obviously don't see the seriousness of the crime or have any regard for Pit Bulls.

I did not compare the two. Just pointed out the fact that they are both living creatures.

They are different of course. They have different needs but their basic needs are the same. Love. Companionship. A freind. A hug or kiss.

Dog mess in my backyard. Dirty Diapers. Chewed dvd and cd covers. Chewed window sill. Wining because they are hungry. Crying because they are hungry. Wining because they want outside to go to the bathroom, running to the bathroom because they have to go. To me it seems they are very similar in many ways. Both have us wrapped around their fingers/paws. One needs words; one just needs our gentle touch and the presence of a kind soul.

You and I could agree to disagree until the cows come home.

I don't want to get into any debates over weather he should or should not be playing in the NFL...

But would it not be extremely ironic if the Cleveland Browns picked him up!?

For those of you who don't get it ...


I definitely find parallels for sure. Its about how much value you place on life.
Obviously there is a spectrum, of course, but when people exploit dogs for bloodsport entertainment, they don't place a very high value on life.

Many studies have shown that those who have a history of mistreatment/ cruetly to animals often have similar issues with other humans.

Personally, I really don't think he deserves the priviledge of being paid to play football. He had the world handed to him on a platter, yet, for some reason, he still opted to abuse animals. He's done his time, but that doesn't mean my impression has changed.

Where the odds makers get their info is beyond my thoughts. Odds have it New England or Pittsburgh are at 4 to 1 odds. My guess for a wildcat stab at it: Mike Vick in Pittsburgh; a very stable/good ownership team is going to sign Mike Vick? :wink:

He has paid his time for the crime but now will a team take a chance on him that could damage their "image"? I don't know but many of the young people today couldn't care less, I still see them wearing Vick jersey's so I think image out there is basically all over the place with him. I venture to say some kids even admire him more breaking the law, quite honestly. Not saying all kids are bad but it sure is a different ballgame out there today than when I was a kid growing up in the early 60's, let me tell you.