Michael Vick Signs with the Philadelphia Eagles!

Michael Vick has signed a two-year deal with the Eagles. His agent, Joel Segal, confirmed to ESPN.com :o :o :o

The NFC East just got even tougher....

Here's hoping Vick can get his career back on track. Jackson will be happy.

Good for my Eagles.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! What a terrible signing! I woulda been happier if they brought T.O. back.

OK, what's with this crap about Roger Goodell giving the Eagles an exemption for Michael Vick? I was just watching the NFL Network, and some panel (I'm new to the NFL Network) was talking about how Vick won't count toward the 53-man roster, and how the Eagles might try to trade AJ Feeley for a pick so that they can add Vick to the roster in Week 3 when he's eligible to play. How the hell is that fair to the other 31 teams?

You know, I hate Roger Goodell a little more each day. The guy is corrupt... :roll: