Michael Vick - Bring Him to Hamilton

Let's sign him before the Argos get him. He'll probably be suspended by the NFL for a year or so.

I don't think it will happen. We have an anti-pitbull law in Ontario. Winnipeg will get him.

If what is being alleged about his dogfighting activities is correct, he'll be throwing slant passes in an orange jumpsuit for more time than your suspension prediction.

Virginia is not for lovers in this context...

If he is convicted, I would not want anyone like that on my team or in this league.

Oski Wee Wee,

My guess is he can't even get up here to watch a game

I'd Rather be Argo Fan
then Let Vick Come to Hamilton..

Anyone who Hurts or Kills a Dog or any pet.
Should get Life in Prison..

He should be Band From Football For life.

Mike Vick is currently under contract to the Atlanta Falcons...how do you suggest the Ti-Cats go about signing a guy with a multi-year deal with a franchise in another league?

I think the suggestion was to sign him IF he gets suspended by the NFL. It cannot happen now because the CFL has decided it will honour NFL suspensions but Ricky Williams came up here under those EXACT circumstances

The same way the blue team did it - they signed a player under suspension. That's IF he gets suspended.

No longer allowed by the CFL

The CFL CAN NO LONGER sign players that are under suspension in another league...end of discussion...

Mike Vick???? Sign him????? Just one thought...What are you???? On Crack!!!!! :? Vick will probably be signed up for the Folsom prison All-Star Team!!!!! :twisted:

punctuation marks???!!!???!!!???!!???!!

Gee, can't a guy have a little fun on a nonsense thread?

Wow this is what is wrong with the justice system. Pedophiles and murderers can get out of jail in ten years while killing dogs are a life sentence. Not that dogfighting is good but there has to be a way other than getting several years in prison. The people in dogfighting aren’t a very big threat to society so I really don’t see the need to put them in jail.

I think someone missed the sarcastic tone of the original post!

  • paul


lol - yes I was being sarcastic, its funny how people can get too serious on this site.

But......if we do sign him they could play "who let the dogs out" when he's introduced on to the field.

Boooooo bring out the hook. :wink:

How about we chain him up and force him to fight to the death and see how he likes it.

I agree with Onknight. Anyone who hurts animals is trash and doesn't deserve to be walking free.

The people in dogfighting aren't a very big threat to society so I really don't see the need to put them in jail.
They are criminals and a part of an organized crime ring by the very nature of their activities.....they need to be jailed in my opinion.

And it's also been proven that anyone who has that much callous disregard for an animal is a great risk to abuse and harm human beings.

I do agree with the statement that cold-blooded murderers and pedophiles need to be taken right out of society forever.....In Canada the judges are notorious for not using the tools given to them by Parliament to put these people away for good.

no to Vick!

Yikes Mikem. There was no indicator of sarcasm and this site can be so full of moronic suggestions that who knew. I cannot keep everyone straight and your personality is the only thing that might give away the sarcasm