Michael Vick, as OC?

I admit I am starting this thread as a joke (a bad one at that)

But, according to the CFL's media statement:

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=newser&func=display&nid=19144]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=news ... &nid=19144[/url]

Michael Vick cannot sign a CFL "player" contract as long as he is suspended from the NFL.

But, that means he could be a coach in the CFL. Do you guys think he could be a good QB coach, or maybe a great running backs coach?


You should have followed your instincts and not bothered posting this nonsense.

Ok, You did not like my post. But, what is your argument (if you have one). M. Vick could be a CFL coach as soon as he walks out of jail. He could!

I would not be surprised if it happened...

What is it going to take for the Michael Vick topics to cease?

Other than his great scrambling ability, which you can't teach, what would he have to offer?

The guy is not good at reading a defence, and he obviously is not a great role model for the players, what does he have to offer?

If a team wants to risk putting Vick as their offensive coordinator, they better be prepared to be the only team in history to go winless in an 18 game CFL schedule.

Who is to say that honouring suspentions does not apply to coaching?

Vick has already proven how stupid he is. Why would anyone trust him with running their offense and teaching others. I mean what if someone didnt perform well enough, maybe he would just have them put down.

Vick wants to own a CFL team. They are expanding to the U.S. again, and Vick wants to own the Memphis team and give it the same name as last time.


What makes you think the guy can coach what brings him sucess...The guy is a freak...he has natural God-given ability that you simply cant coach. Stop talking about losers who kill dogs for kicks, or we become the losers.


The point...?

he could show his players to play as bad dogs... errrrrr..... :twisted:

Vick knows crap about football. Not every player who plays can be a coach.

he's a half decent player but that doesn't mean he's coaching material...

besides, he couldnt' even coach his Fighting dogs to win! haha

Since he'd be denied entry at the border, I feel safe in saying the answer is no.


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thats bright!

hmm, do you really think Gods would glow like that???

Stewie you from Toronto?