Michael Sam?

According to a report this morning on RDI, Michael Sam could be playing for the Alouettes.

Now, I am not calling into question his personal lifestyle. However, that very subject was at the center of tremendous media attention and some controversy. The question for me is: will his arrival here, should that be the case, create distractions? We already have a controversial tight end, do we not?

At the end of the day, the only real issue with Michael Sam is whether or not he has the necessary skills to play. The Rams obviously don't think so.

We are starved for a good defensive end to play opposite John Bowman. I'm all for giving Sam a fair shot. I'm not sure who the controversial tight end is, or what that has to do with Michael Sam, who is in no way controversial to me. If you think one's choice of sexual orientation is controversial, you need to check your prejudice.

I do think Bowman needs a bookend; personally, I would prefer we sign Alex Hall, he has a better resume, but if we cannot get him then I am all for giving Sam a shot. Who he happens to sleep with is none of my concern, nor should it be.

I'd prefer Alex Hall as well, for the same reason -- he's proven -- but we haven't been able to find a good DE since Anwar Stewart left and we need all the help we can get. So if we can't get Hall, I'd be happy to sign Sam.

No NFL team has picked Sam up on waivers. He can still be added to a team`s practice roster, but the Rams chose not to add him to theirs.

My take on the situation is that if there is NFL prejudice, it has more to do with the added media attention Sam attracts, not his sexual orientation. The button-down NFL does not like distractions.

We can certainly use a pass rushing DE, but I`m sure Sam will exhaust all NFL options first.

That's it, sheldon.

My point was not about his sexual orientation, but about the fact that this attracted lots, perhaps undue, media attention. When there is media attention directed to non-football matters, more often than not it creates an unnecessary distraction.

With the year the Als are having, we need solutions, not distractions, to solve them. Is Sam the answer? Possibly, but it must be based on his skills. An NFL has already passed on him. Like you, I'm sure he would want to explore all of his NFL possibilities first.

Pour ma part, je préférerais avoir les deux.

Hall représente un candidat éprouvé, comme si justement souligné. Normalement, il devrait être capable d'avoir un impact assez rapidement.

Sam représenterait un candidat intéressant pour l'avenir. À mon sens, il ne devrait pas être une distraction très longtemps. Comme partout où il est passé, même durant ce camp des Rams, ce sont ses performances sur le terrain, son attitude comme joueur en apprentissage et comme coéquipier qui prévaudront.

Aucun joueur ayant joué pour les mêmes équipes que lui ne s'est plaint de son jeu ou de son attitude sur comme en-dehors du terrain. Je ne vois pas pourquoi ça devrait être différent avec les Alouettes.

J'aime mieux un joueur de ligne qui suscite la curiosité médiatique mais qui veut donner sa pleine mesure sur le terrain et qui ne cause pas d'ennuis dans le vestiaire, qu'une ex-vedette finie de la NFL qui nuit à l'équipe de toutes les façons possibles.

What else would it be based on? Sam was a decorated college player. He's earned his credentials. Whatever media buzz arises from us signing him (potentially) isn't his fault and shouldn't stop us from giving him a fair shot. If people want to talk about him, let them talk. We have to field the best football team we can. Not signing him because of what certain people might think or write is just as silly as signing him to create buzz.

I am positive that many won't agree with me, but the Als need more a very good DT + a good WR +a new MLB, than they need a DE, whether it is Michael Sam or Alex Hall. I don't care about Sam's sexual orientation, but it is the main reason why we hear about this player. With Aaron Lavarias, Gabriel Knapton and Brian Brikowski + John Bowman as DEs, we don't need another DE,at least not now.


I agree that DT and WR are more pressing needs. But why can’t we do both? No reason we can’t take a flyer on Sam and/or Hall. As for the trio you mentioned, Knapton has done fairly well, Lavarias has been invisible, and Brikowski has proven nothing. DE is still a position of need for us.

I’m also willing to wait and see on Bear Woods at MLB. We’re solid against the run, and our coverage issues have more to do with scheme and lack of good interior push from the D-line than the MLB’s performance.

Maybe a distraction for the rest of the league, but Montreal is one of the most tolerant and open cities in North America with respect to sexual orientation. It would reflect well on the city and the organization if he were to join the Als, and as a minimum get a fair shot.

Vaughn Martin has also not found any takers in the NFL.

As for Sam. Assuming he can make a positive contribution. He would be a big asset for this team. Montreal has a large and affluent gay community and like any other group enjoy being able to identify to athletes/celebrities who have something in common with them.

Personally he's young, fantastic QB hunter and seems like a very nice person. I think he would be a great addition to the Als.

As for prioritizing, there use to be a time when this team kept bringing players in at every position looking to improve...

Je m'étonne qu'Alex Hall n'ait pas encore trouvé preneur.

Est-ce parce qu'il tente toujours de faire sa place dans la NFL ou est-ce parce qu'il y a des côtés de sa personnalité qui font que les équipes l'évitent?

LeStaff: I have been also thinking about the points you brought up. With respect to Sam, yes he should be welcomed to try out for 2015. This would be a publicity coup for the CFL and for Canada. Certainly this try out would be covered by the USA press. It might be noted that the CFL was the first North America football league that provided Black players the right to play QB. It took some time after that for the NFL to provide blacks with the same opportunity. In addition, The Montreal Royals were the first NA team to sign Blacks for pro baseball. I believe we Canadians have rightly been admired for our welcome to other races/ cultural groups to our society. If my memory serves well, I believe Bernie Custis was the first American to play QB in NA professional leagues.

Ce sont de bons points et ce serait effectivement à l’honneur de notre équipe de donner une chance à Michael Sam. Il semble toutefois que les Cow-Boys soient intéressés à l’inclure dans leur équipe de pratique.

Mais au fond, comme tout joueur, Sam devra gagner ses galons sur le terrain et dans le vestiaire, où que ce soit.

Dans un autre ordre d’idées, Custis a effectivement été le premier quart-arrière noir à évoluer chez les professionnels.

70 years after opening the "colour door" for Jackie Robinson it would (IMO) be great if it could do the same for the "sexual orientation door" for Michael Sams. But I expect he will at least finish the year somewhere in the NFL in some capacity.

I agree. We have seen somewhat better play opposite Bowman than in recent years, but nothing exceptional. No reason to pass on upgrading one spot to focus on possible upgrades elsewhere.

Réflexion faite, je crois qu’on devrait se raviser sur l’utilité que Sam pourrait avoir à Montréal.

Chad Johnson a dit qu’il pourrait bien faire à Montréal, donc, ce n’est certainement pas le cas. :twisted:

I really don't follow you sometimes. What does Sam have to do with Johnson ???

RDI reports that Sam has signed with the Cowboys' practice roster.