Michael Sam "“I never really wanted to go to the CFL"

I guess Moon, Flutie, Garcia, Cam Wake, etc. were all wrong

Michael Sam: I want to play in the NFL, wasn’t getting better in the CFL :roll:

[url=http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2015/09/25/michael-sam-i-want-to-play-in-the-nfl-wasnt-getting-better-in-the-cfl/]http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/20 ... n-the-cfl/[/url]

"It was a different defense, a defense I wasn’t used to, and all the stuff I learned from the Rams, the Cowboys, I thought I was losing that technique in Montreal.?

that same technique that kept you employed all these years in the NFL, Michael? :roll:

funny thing was I thought he could make it up here.

He wanted a spot handed to him, he didn't want to compete for it.
He thought that being an NFL draft pick he would automatically be placed above everybody else. Not the case. He wasn't starting and realized that it wouldn't look good to the NFL scouts and GMs that he couldn't crack a CFL lineup, so he quit.
Funny how he thinks that will somehow get him another look in the NFL.

perfectly stated


8) If you can't crack an NFL lineup, and can't even make a CFL team, then the truth is, you're an over rated joke !! :oops:
   Good riddance to him in the CFL, as far as I'm concerned !!!

    He says he never really wanted to come to the CFL.....well as far as I'm concerned the feeling is mutual !!

Its shocking when so many young men want that opportunity and someone like Sams just throws it away. With hard work he could have eventually become a player. No heart…

Sounds like Michael's mind is a little wonky. If you don't want to do something, and nobody is holding a gun to your head, why then do it?

This guy is either lying, or, his brain is on another planet from the rest of us. :oops:

:P :P :P

I watched him play against Ottawa. He looked lost and confused. He even said afterwards that the pace of the game was a surprise to him. That footage isn't going to ever go away and will be the reference point for any team that wants to see him in action. There wasn't even anything close to reasonable speed to work with.

Also, what could he have learned in Dallas that wouldn't be applicable here?

He just tried to slam the CFL and say it's sub par talent

This guy is a Diva and obviously a quitter, like the NFL is even going to look at him now.

He got drafted because of his sexuality more than his football
He was brought to MTL and became a side show, sold some jerseys, and left camp because of boyfriend problems
He came back, was gifted a roster spot so he could collect his $100k salary ahead of 9 yr veteran John Bowman :expressionless:
He had the team in turmoil, quit twice, received special treatment and pay and was a total distraction. :roll:
Really! If he wasn't Gay, nobody would even know who this guy is.

With Sam badmouthing the CFL, I find myself singing the words of Yip Harburg, famously put to music about 70 years ago:
Somewhere, over the rainbow ............... why oh why, can't I ?

I agree with HfxTC -- "No heart." And, I'd add, way too much publicity.

We warned you to bring your A game Sam. Now, no NFL team is going to pick you up, not only because you couldn't handle the CFL, but because you showed that you can't commit and deal with adversity (at least on the field). You played one game, ONE GAME and then threw in the towel.

I guess Sam forgets that his playing rights still belong to the Alouettes. Maybe if he pays them back all of the money he got for nothing they would release him. Doubt very much if any NFL team would be interested in him.

Who ?
that about sums it up for me

I like that ! Write a cheque for $24 000.00, also sign this promise that you will never, ever say the word Alouette or Montreal again and we'll release you. :smiley:

I'd say it was more having an air of privilege which was the impression that I got all along. He certainly got plenty of breaks that no other free agent brought in to camp would be given. Question is was that on Popp or Higgins?

He along with Johnson (last's season's 'big" name bust) and Kyle Quinlan (who wisely chose not to go to a team where he would never have been given a real shot) remain on the Al's suspended list (along with another WR I've never heard of who obviously signed and didn't show). If he signed a one year deal (but I don't know if he could as a rookie) then he won't be playing anywhere next season.

Arash Madani ?@ArashMadani 1h1 hour ago
Michael Sam originally said he left the #CFL because of his mental health. Today he changed his story significantly:

Higgins was saddled with it. This was Jim's guy.

Excuse excuse, the man was a bad football player that never should have been signed, never mind didn't deserve to make it out of training camp.

That was my initial thought but then HIggins was fired for a number of reasons - I think sitting Bowman being one of them - so you have to wonder if some of the decisions about Sam were his or came down from Popp. Or maybe HIggins just took the fall.