Michael Reilly.. Tough Guy or big faker?

Can't help but notice in every game I watch Michael play in he is always hobbling around out there. Is it that he's actually hurting or just faking?

Don't get me wrong. Good QB but is just a question I have.

If you asked that about a consistent whiner like Burris or BoLevi, I'd say sissy faker.

But Reilly is pretty old school. I'd say he's legit. Also, at 36, a limp is probably just his natural gait now.

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You do realize that he is wearing a leg brace? Clearly there is an issue.

or maybe it is a democratic conspiracy involving training staff, team doctors, coaches and Reilly. :slight_smile:


Reilly is pretty damn tough.


What a ridiculous thread. Shows the kind of mind you have.


It's just that Reilly always seems to have a boo boo and the announcers make a big deal of it. Meanwhile Cody Fajardo plays games with a separated shoulder and we don't find out until after the season

Please explain what anyone would gain by faking an injury. The only use that could possibly have is if a player wanted out of the game.

Why don't you try taking hits from 200+ pound players all night and see how you feel.

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interesting. I remember always knowing about Dunigans injuries. Was he faking?

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I thought he was actually wearing a brace on both legs.

What is remarkable is that Reilly has been hit so many times, yet he probably is the active player most likely to have a future in broadcasting on TSN.

It's just an observation. I see the guy hobbling around then making a 'heroic' return. Look at game 1. He apparently had an injury but came in to play in the second half.

A legitimate injury or all for show?

asked and answered, apparently you did not read that he wears a leg brace

The brace can also be worn as a preventative.

I don't think its that outlandish of a thought. How does someone get the rep of "being a warrior"? Everyone has to know they were injured....and I do think some might embelish a little. I didn't like that about Nichols as a Bomber, and we all saw the Streveler limp in the playoffs (although I think he was going off pure adreniline).
And its not just QBs or football, there are plenty of cases of this in the NHL too.

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^^^ this right here.

Seriously what in the world would he gain by faking it?

A reputation of being a tough guy?

Reily has a Rep as a tuff guy BECAUSE he is. He now also gets so beat up every year that by the end of the season he plays play of games that in regular season games he would be sitting out... He ain't in his rookie year where his body could take that punishment better.

I think Reilly has a braced body. The man is tougher than galvanized titanium. The only time that he fakes anything is play action.

So you are on the side "tough guy" then?

If he played a bit smarter with the idea that he can handle the punishing hits every single game he would have had at least two more grey cups