Michael "Pinball" Clemons

In preparation for a soon-to-be-released biography of the man CFL fans know as “Pinball,� CFL.ca has started a fan forum for everyone to share their best or favourite memories. You never know – your story may end up in print!

I have quite a number of memories of Pinball at his best. Winning the Grey cup, as a player AND a coach. He also had an amazing play in the '97 season in Winnipeg where he truly looked like a Pinball going into the end zone on a play that looked like he would lose yards. However, the one that sticks out for me was the playoff game in '97 against Montreal when he scored on a huge play with about a minute left to win the game for the Argos. I picked this one because it looked like Montreal may get the upset and win the game, but Doug Flutie and Pinball teamed up and won it for Toronto. Skydome was so loud and it was very memorable for me. That game, essentially was the Grey Cup for Toronto that year. Pinball is an amazing man!

Well one of my favorte memorie of pinball was when he was talking at this promise keepers confrence in winnipeg and after wards you where Aloud to go and get his autograph and i watied in lione for about almost an hour and then i finally got there and he was just so good to talk to like he was actually talking to you and he would listen to what you have to say and now i just repect him in a complete diffrent way. Thanks Pinball

Pinball is a terrific human being, and no matter what team you cheer for everyone can agree, he is a class act.

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One of my favorite PINBALL stories is one that he writes in his book about coming to Canada, and going immediately to the University of Guelph to the ARGOS practice camp. If this would be helpful for the new CFL Pinball book, I would be delighted to ad more detail about PINBALL'S first weeks in Canada!

I can relate so clearly to all of the details, having been a student ( DVM) on that campus for 5years in the sixties. We look forward to having PINBALL as our guest here in HALIFAX for the big exhibition game Saturday June 11 ; All hail the PINBALL ! Maybe we will make him an Honorary Nova Scotian Bluenoser!


Is this a "Royal" or a "Navy" Bluenoser?

cryptic.........but understandable to somebody "tartaned" up

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That might have been the same game where he took the opening kickoff to “the house” for a TD. I was still sitting in Windows Restaurant. great game great memories.

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To be honest, it’s the first time I’ve heard of it.