Michael "Pinball" Clemons - for C.F.L. Commissioner

… My wife’s suggestion.

And I sure couldn’t agree more!

He and that huge, toothy grin of his sure would be solid for the job. The man's got plenty of CFL experience on and off the field. He's affable, personable and has been a great face for the Toronto franchise, no matter how much we dislike them. :wink:

Pinball would have big shoes to fill, but I think he'd find a way. (Or just bounce off several difficulties and find his way through to a solution.)

Another Great Candidate, I always liked Mike Clemons and thought he would make a good commissioner someday. Maybe the owners of the CFL teams will have a few good potential candidates to choose from before Mark Cohon steps down next year in 2015.


What qualifies Pinball to be CFL commissioner? The fact that people like him? Pinball might be a good candidate for a media relations role, but business is business. The CFL needs someone with a solid track record of sports business management.

I’m reminded of the brilliant Kids in the Hall sketch about a doctor who got through med school on charisma alone:


He would fit in the Assistant role. Like Tattoo on Fantasy Island. "Look Boss, a touchdown"

He has my vote for what its worth.
Great person.

Alright, yes Pinball played the game, knows a lot about the game and his a motivational speaker and is the kind of face for the commissioners office that may be able to get TO back in the game.

The problem is his business sense. The role of the comish isn't just to be an ambassador for the sport of which Pinball excels at. It's dealing with the PA and contact negotiations, it's satisfying your board of governors, it's having corporate and sports connections.

Regardless of who they pick, they got some big shoes to fill. Cohon has probably been the best Comish we've had since Jake Gaudaur.

He’ be Great Choice to lead the league

I never thought of this possibility, however now could not agree more.
In fact, he may be what is needed in the position and especially to straighten out the Argos mess and get a new 10th team sooner than later.

I would not like to see him in this position next time there was tension with the cflpa.

I don't think he has the non football qualifications to be the "boss" of the league.

There is a lot wrong with the league front office. I don't think Mr Clemons has the required ability to fix what so many before have failed to do.

Unless of course the commissioner is meant to be nothing more than a figurehead. Then there could be no one better

Let him be the face of the Argos instead. Anyone who buys that team needs to put him front and centre as their spokesman. I don't know what has happened with he and David Braley but he is very recognizable even today in Toronto.

Love him but only since he left the game lol NO TY as Comish we dont need another guy who bleeds blue to run the show
Imagine the penalties Hamilton gets in Argo games If he was lol wink wink

Haha. Too funny :thup:

I think he’d make a great commish but I think he has his hands full, building schools in Impoverished parts of Africa. But if he ever decided to take on the commissioner’s job, he knows the game, he understands players and coaches, he appreciates the fans, he has the business acumen, has the passion and enthusiasm, knows the league’s nine markets, understands the media, is a forward thinker and doer, etc. i can’t really think of any downsides to this.

An Argo-Cat fan

Don't know how he would do as commish........but he should be the face of the Argos.

You can't help but get excited about what he is selling and the Argos need that above all else.

Clemons a great guy but Mark Cohen is proof that you do not need a football guy to run the CFL.
When the CFL was looking for a new commish five years ago would any fan on these boards have said “hey there is an NBA executive that would make a good CFL commissioner” ??