Michael O'Connor


Should've given O'Connor. Both QBs have Irish names.

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I would be surprised if Jean it in camp somewhere. Unless it’s him who’s decided he’s not pursuing football anymore.

This is reminding me a little bit of Yamasaki's stint with the Lions. Seriously, bear with me.

As fans we really only get to see gameday action and the depth charts but obviously there's a stack of other stuff that goes on. Yamasaki was being pilloried as if he was some random guy the Lions signed to fill their "Global" quota, when in reality he'd played spring football, had stuck through training camp and had survived pre-season, so the management must have seen something.

O'Connor is in the same boat. Think about what we as normal fans don't see or hear - there's training camp, in-season practice, team meetings and for a QB you can add game film study. O'Connor must evidently be getting something wrong somewhere for him to have seen so little action and bounced around so many teams in so little time.

Is he not very coachable?
Is he a player with a "last to arrive, first to leave" attitude to training?
Is he not very good at film study or does less of it than he should?

Or maybe, is he just one of those players as @GridironGirl suggests who simply plateaued at college level? Think about the highly-touted Americans who find the jump from NCAA to NFL just that bit too big, why wouldn't it be the same for a Canadian with USports > CFL?

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the rumour I heard was that he was good in games but lazy in practice.

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Duron Carter syndrome?

I was thinking more about Iverson

Carter was feisty :rofl:

the iverson rant is literally my favourite in all of sports.

talkin’ ‘bout practice

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O’Conner’s throwing mechanics are average at best ok

I had cheered for him and hoped for his success in the CFL but I don't think his play was progressing. His release is too slow and he doesn't bring anything special to the position. His strength is also weak.

On the other hand, I think Dakota Prukop would be a legitimate potential starter in the CFL. When they both played in Toronto at the end of 2018 (if memory serves), Prukop showed much better on the field I thought.

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I believe I saw somewhere that Prukop has gone to the States and signed with one of the spring leagues.

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I believe by the time he got back on the field BC had traded for Vernon Adams. Are you saying O'Connor is a better option than VA ? Also Calgary made no attempt at keeping him. Why ?

From what I remember .

I believe in Calgary during the week he was suppose to start when Bo got hurt

Maier looked like he wanted it more and was more aggressive during the week .

Now saying that Maeir started that game horrible and was allowed to work it out and ended up playing very well once he worked out the bugs .

My personal feelings if it was O'Connor it would have been get off the field you only get this small window .

I would have liked to have seen more of him before making a definite decision that he's done .

I would like him in Ottawa this season .

My belief is for a QB you work the plays that work for his style . I don't think the OC or Campbell believed in him and placed no long term value in O'C as a starter .

I believe Vernon Adams was more apt and experienced at running the same system set up for Rourke in BC .

I am very biased and I think at the Canadian pro level ; the Canuck should get the best opportunity to succeed if it really is our league .

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THAT thinking gets coaches fired.


that's what they say .. I believe

Lancaster said it .

but many have said also it needs to be done and the league needs to change to give them a proper chance to portray the league better domestically which I credit to


Watching Rourke I saw a guy who pretty much coached himself . he was on a different level with being a student of the game .