Michael O'Connor

I see he’s going to be attending the Seahawk’s mini camp, wonder how that might affect his draft selection.

Michael O’Connor chases CFL dream

Michael O’Connor is hoping CFL teams will look beyond his birth certificate and the stigma it may bring and give him a shot at playing quarterback.

Nicknamed Wacky, O’Connor certainly has the credentials on his resume and the intangibles to go with them – he’s 6-foot-4, he’s got off-the-charts football smarts and the former NCAA Division 1 recruit has a great arm. Oh yeah, but he’s Canadian.

Negatively. Same as anyone who gets an NFL look. What may have been a first or second round pick is now likely at very best a 4th, and more likely later to not at all

As a Canadian QB he already had a lower ranking because there is no ratio benefit to drafting him (e.g., Brandon Bridge) … roster rules might be changed, but that is a CBA issue … so for now no ratio benefit … Seattle may be a PR invite as much as anything as the Seahawks draw from lower BC … don’t think this impacts his draft status as much as the lack of ratio benefit … Lions may have a PR reason to draft him higher than most.

Been waiting for this guy to get a legitimate shot at the CFL .

He has the tools , the size and the passion to play right here in Canada .

If he is not given the same fair shot as the others are given it’s time the CFL change it’s name to the Global Football League and Time for me to find some other
past time to enjoy .

Seattle cycles looking at a pile of QBs. They seem to bring guys in for a look more than most teams, so he may not even make it out of rookie otas

However…if he is still on their roster come draft, of course it effects where he goes. Pretty much any player who has been in that scenario has been effected by this…and now you are talking about a player who doesn’t even potentially count as a ratio player.

Will agree that Canadian QBs should get the same shot as any other QB … but I don’t support the possibility of any game-day favouritism (e.g., a specific roster spot for Canadian QB) … but a special spot on the practice roster for a Canadian QB who doesn’t make the main roster would be IMO a smart approach to provide guided development.

Like that idea GHT of a special spot as you mention.

Seattle’s rookie mini-camp is next weekend, so unless they rescind his invitation he will not be free of NFL obligations when the CFL draft is held on Thursday.

yeah…I get that…and I fully expect it to effect his draft spot. And it is a pretty simple thing to measure…if he doesn’t go in the first 2-2.5 rounds, then it did.

I would take him in the second round regardless. I see him back in Canada within 3 years and a legit QB to play in Canada

The league should postpone the draft until a CBA is signed. There is no rush.

But unless the rules change, he’s just another small school QB.

Yup true. Other than its a Canadian School, small School QBs make up a lot of CFL qbs.
IMO this guy has a bit more to offer than many.

Seems like a pretty big roll of the dice when you could bring in a ratio impact player who is ready within a year. Thems the type of a decisions that have the risk of effecting a GM’s career. If you have put yourself in a situation where you have 3 picks in the first 2 rounds it is a bit different…ie the Bombers, who are actually looking to move a pick, might look at this as a smart move because they would ideally not want him for a couple of years. Or…you know…if you are a team that was gifted an extra pick because that is pro sports…a team that mismanages their roster is generally prone to being randomly awarded extra picks to allow them to do stuff like this.

Well for a simpleton, like me, there is no evidence in the last number of years that a Canadian qb will be given the chance to truly compete for the no. 1 qb position on a CFL team but that being said, that is my ignorant perception, I don’t know enough to be sure I’m accurate with that statement or totally out to lunch with it.

Who knows but the whole thing is just weird as weird gets. Are Canadian qbs sort of like black qbs way back when, not given the opportunity but when given actually do have the talent to succeed? Don’t know but seems a reasonable comparison.

We all know how Chuck Ealey, Warren Moon etc. worked out in the CFL.

I’ll agree that it has been rare for a Canadian QB to get a shot … but have there been Canadian QBs that deserved a chance (i.e., as good or better skills/potential than the other QBs brought to camp)? “A fair chance” means no prejudice against but also no favouritism.

Actually, it is impossible to “measure” it. He might not have been drafted at all even if he was not signed to an NFL tryout. This is the CFL – QBs don’t tend to get drafted. Now I happen to believe that O’Connor was worth a second-round pick before he signed with Seattle, and I’d even be open to taking him in the second round now. But I’m not a GM – I doubt they all view him this way, given the league’s historical aversion to Canadian QBs.

He is like the great Canadian hope .

We had a few come and go like Canadian Datillio a french speaking Qb coming off a east nominee season who was foolishly replaced by Feragamo .

He never recovered back to that years performance .

The thing that I like about O’Connor is his football savvy and he may have the mental toughness to break thru if given the right path to excel .

It is pretty simple. The level the QBs have to play against in the CIS just isn’t comparable. That is why a guy likeO’Connor has some draw, because he wasn’t CIS. It is the same reason that not a pile of DBs get serious CFL looks outside of safety. QBs here are not throwing into the coverage that most NCAA QBs are, and frankly, they are not getting the same level of coaching. That’s not a knock…it is what it is. It is the same way most US minor hockey players have been looked at when comparing them to Canadians…though both gaps have been closing.

Why can’t a professional football coach teach the quarterback position?