Michael Landry...

...DL Landry..... released by the Cats and just signed by the Bombers...big guy....and since the departure of Tyronne Williams, will probably be for depth...I don't see him getting much action ....unless someone goes down...( ouch..don't like even saying that) :expressionless:

He couldn't even make my Ticats as a backup, so he should start for your abysmal Bombers.

On in two:

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Having a problem with the concept?

He does a fine job of that all on his own MJ.

I guess he hadn't heard yet that the TiCats signed Bomber reject Montez Murphy at the same time. :lol:

What an ass.

i was excited to see Landry get a chance to play here in the hammer, he had some good credentials, and obviously has good size.

i hear you guys want some depth on the D-line, so who knows maybe he can back-up Dorian Smith (who so far has looked like a monster :thup: )

Are you trying to imply that the Bombers defense is "abysmal"? If that's the case you're either not serious, or you have no clue what you're talking about. Offense, you'll have a point, but defense? Just not happening, but hey nice attempt, keep trying, maybe one day you won't sound so silly......maybe.

decent depth move for both teams. in camp i thought murphy could push for a starting job, but with our line that was no easy task, guy is great for depth maybe even one day a starter in this league for the cats or whomever else

and for the bombers again another depth move, with williams gone they need a little extra insurance back there in case anything happens.. lets hope not though! finally looks like this d line is starting to become a force

From what was in our paper today, Landry had some NFL offers so the Cats released him to let him explore those opportunities.

....Makes you wonder where this guys head is.....somewhere ...where its very dimly lit.....IF i was to go on the Cats site or any other clubs' for that matter and dish out the kind of garbage this guy comes up with...i'd have been turfed long ago....I think the concept was beyond his grasp MadJack....and that pretty well sums up the intelligence level.. :roll: