Michael Jenkins starting

I read in the Edmonton Sun, that Michael Jenkins is replacing Ron McClendon on the roster. I find this exciting, but I don't know if he's ready. He's only had 3 practises. Well.. should be exciting. Maciocia must love Pringle-like running backs.

I hear Maciocia has a Pringle action figure to go with his WWF collection.

Hey hey now. That is WWE. You don't want them to get sued by the World Wildlife Federation do you???

Oops...you're right Dr. Rise. Why do I always envision Maciocia holding a teddy bear when he is on the sidelines?

Michael Jenkins..........Oh Im soooooo scared!!!! LOL

You want scary. No problem.

Terrence Wilkins
College: Virginia
HT: 5’10� WT: 180 lbs
Birthdate: July 29, 1975
Birthplace: Washington, D.C.
CFL Experience: 1st Season
Stampeder Experience: 1st Season

My pick for special teamer of the week. Write it down, folks.

So this means the Esks will have a running game and not a Ricky Ray game?

Please never use Ricky Ray and running in the same sentence. LOL

edmonton. running. funny.

it doesnt matter who is starting, Goldie could have 100 yard games, but they never give him the ball more than 10 times a game, he has a 5.5 seasonal yard/carry average...better than Charles Roberts.

Jenkins could have a good game if they give him the ball. he is more experienced and patient...he will be able to find holes better than Goldie. plus, our o-line is getting better, so i expect a solid run game today. i hope you guys also remember Brock Ralph is back, he's gonna be solid in this game, he is in much better shape than he was last year from what i hear.

Calgary. Winning. Even funnier.

I wasn’t gonna chime in until the game was over…and even when it is I don’t usually. But you guys kill me. Eskylo…ya make it sound as though RR plays in a wheel chair. I believe he had a rushing td last game, no? Or were you too high on crack to notice? I’d be careful with who you guys trash…especially with the squad you’re fielding today.

Look, it’s Labour Day…anything can happen(especially with RD Lancaster calling the plays)…but to discredit a team with a 6-3 record simply makes you guys look like chumps. Dig?

The Stamps run game will probably be more effective then the Esks but the passing game. Woah Nelly! This should be an interesting game for me to watch. Even if it's silent on CBC...

It’ll be like you’re there, my man!

Exactly. You can’t expect a running back to get 100 yards on 5-9 carries. All the other fans besides Eskie fans just look at the yards. “Elvis Joseph had 20 yards against Toronto.” 4 carries… 20 yards, is pretty good for 4 carries. Goldie had 70 yards on 9 carries last game! A 7.7 yard average… That is amazing! Also the running backs have contributing in the passing game all year long. The shovel’s, the passes in the flats, drop passes out of the backfield. Who knows just how many yards Goldie would get on 18 carries?

Its football moses, big deal, have a little fun would ya.

Ricky Ray isnt ever gonna be confused with Damon Allen.

What youre not looking at is how those rushing yards are distributed amongs those plays. Most of the time the bqack gets stopped quickly and once in a rare hile he busts out a big run which makes his average look higher. From a coaches perspective running hte ball does not becoeme hte best idea because the running game is rarely having any success

LMAO!!! thats assuming you guys had a offensive line that could open holes…your a passing team and thats what your O line does best pass protect.

Running games are for teams that don't have a QB. Sask and Winnipeg come to mind.

Esks don't need more then 50 yards rushing per game.

BTW Esks dominated the first halve. The Esks pash run is the best in the league, they had Burris running around like a mad man. Next to Ray, Montford was the best aqcuistion this team made in the off season.

Credit to Buris for throwing tow 50 yard bullets. It's just too bad no one caught them. But man does this guy have a strong arm!

Ray, the surgeon, is at it again.

Esks will win 45-13.