Michael Jenkins released?

Following tonight's game in Ottawa, the football analyst at CJAD said he expects Jenkins to be the next HB cut in Montreal. He expects the Als to hit the season with Edwards, Lapointe and Lewis.

What are your thoughts on this?

Jenkins scored 3 touchdowns ! What else should he be doing? As an Argo fan, I would love to see him come back to the league and do well, because I enjoyed what he did here. If he is cut, hopefully some CFL team will grab him.

Someone will certainly pick him up, he's a great DB

It's a damn tough call, Jenkins was expected to win the job and he had 2 Td's but the radio guy said he looked slow in the game and the camp and Edwards and Lewis looked great last week with Edwards being a former NFL 1rst round draft choice. Both Edwards and Jenkins are just getting the rust offt after not playing in a long time. I'm so confused!

Not to forget Canadian Lapointe also.

Jenkins scored twice last night, but it was off easy plays. Like after Itty Bitty returned a missed field goal on 98 yards, but was stopped just before entering the end zone.

Jenkins admitted himself he had difficulties seeing the holes opened in from of him and was to slow to react. He ran for only 50 yards in 14 rushing attempts (ave. 3.6). Last week, Edwards, Lewis and Talley all ran for an average of 9 yards par rush.

Though call eh?

I'd go for Edwards, Lewis and Jenkins as HB. I would switch Lapointe to FB behind Vilimek and release Huerta-Flores. (Or release Lapointe and keep Huerta-Flores as a future FB)

That was Tony "The Staple Gun" Proudfoot who made that claim last night.
Since I only heard the game last night I cannot comment except to say that he usually seems to know what he is talking about.

Well if he is released, Edmonton would probably want to pick him up. Not only do they need a RB, they need to spend spend spend more.....to get past that infamous "salary floor". I mean, they've been so gosh-darn frugal up till now. :wink:

The Als are starting the season with Jonas Lewis as the starting running back, backed up by Canadian Eric Lapointe.
But Michael Jenkins has been put on the disabled list to start the season and Robert Edwards was suspended and has returned home to the States, but will be returning to Montreal.
Matthews says he expects all 3 imports Lewis,Jenkins and Roberts to play for the Als during this season. But that will be quite a juggling act, trying to keep the players happy and if no other team wants these guys, who are all good. I guess it's up to Lewis to perform great or he sits.

Edmonton should seriously pick him up

The Don said: "Lewis will be the starter on June 22nd because he outperformed the others in training camp."

YESSSSSSSSSS !!! I hope the little #32 tears down the field and keeps the job.