Michael Jenkins joins Eskimos

Source: Edmonton Journal

EDMONTON - Tailback Michael Jenkins lifted weights and ran laps for the last month at home in Philadelphia as he waited and prayed for a CFL team to phone him with a chance to resume his football career.

He figured it was just a matter of time before the Edmonton Eskimos -- a team with virtually no ground attack -- would call.

Turns out, he was right. The Esks agreed to terms with Jenkins on Tuesday and the five-foot-eight, 208 pounder was scheduled to touch down late Wednesday night in the Alberta capital.

"I truly believe this is a team that can go the distance," Jenkins said before his flight took off from Pennsylvania. "I've been watching them closely. They're a well-balanced team all around. Defensively, they play excellent. And just look at that receiving corps.

"If there's one aspect that needs to be settled down at all, it's the running game. I hope I can contribute in that area."

Jenkins won't contribute Friday when the Eskimos entertain the Montreal Alouettes. He doesn't know the playbook, so it's way too soon to rush him into the lineup.

This is awesome for the Eskimos. Well Elvis.. it looks like his Eskimo career is gonna be done, with Dahren Diedrick gonna come to.. he hasn't done anything in pre-season yet.

Finally! This may be the missing piece in the Esks offensive puzzle! a good running back! Bravo esks! Bravo!

:lol: a good runningback. yeah things must be pretty bad with the Edmonton running attack when Michael Jenkins is considerd a good back. The Eskimos mine as well of just burned the money.

you wouldnt consider him a good running back?

Jenkins was originally signed as free agent by the Toronto Argonauts in 2000 and appeared in 18 games as a rookie racking-up 1,050 yards on the ground along 400 receiving yards and two TD’s on his way to being voted as the team’s Rookie of the Year.

In 2001, Jenkins continued to tear up the opposition with 1,484 rushing yards and another 361 through the air and eight TD’s over 16 games. He was chosen as the Argos Most Outstanding Player in 2001 and signed with the Houston Texans during the off season.

After spending the 2002 NFL season on the Texans’ practice roster, Jenkins returned to Toronto in 2003 and finished up with 814 rushing yards, 316 receiving yards and six TD’s. He sat out the 2004 season with an injured ankle before signing with Montréal as a free agent prior to the 2005 season.

Yeah your right that isnt very good...

You forgot to mention his silent performance in Pre-Season against a young rookie backup defence of Ottawa's. But it sure isnt fair to say he is a bad running back. I think he'll be just fine in Edmonton.

The thing is, nobody even knows if the Eskimos have a running game this year - they refuse to hand the ball off.

Obviously the Eskimo organization figures that if Elvis Joseph and Ron McClendon can't get a 100-yard game on 5 handoffs, they should be replaced.


I honestly don't think Jenkins will make much difference at all.

Jenkins is a good back, but the Esks gotta work some running into their offense. EskJebus makes a good point....they have to work more than 5 carries per game.

Jenkins will help the Eskies if they give him the touches.

see how his impressive stats stopped after 2003? Michael Jenkins is washed up, and he won't make a difference in Edmonton because they don't run the ball.

I guess we’ll have to see if he’s washed up or not. That’s your opinion and it’s valid except that we haven’t seen him healthy in a couple years and that might make all the difference. I honestly don’t think the Argo’s would have done any worse with Jenkins instead of Avery based on the numbers Avery has put up. The only number Avery has that is truly more impressive than Jenkins is his overpriced salary.

I don’t think he will be any worse than these other two. Right from day 1 I just haven’t felt they have been any kind of a threat when they have been given the ball. The OL must step up yes and the team must commit to running the ball, but I just have not seen any kind of spark that made my head turn from Joseph or McClendon. At least Jenkins has a bit of history in this league and has shown that the ability was there. For the Esks sake I hope it still is.

Well the Esks needed a proven back and Jenkins had two pretty good years in TO, he could be the answer.

The Argos offense isn't designed to run the ball. The reason Avery only gets 40 yards a game is because we give it to him like 9 times. I'm not saying Avery would rush for 1500 yards, if he saw the ball more, but his stats would look a hell of a lot better then 40 yards a game. But hey I'm fine with not running the ball, but if your gonna pay a guy 125k, you should use him.

Im not saying he is this savior or anything, you said he is a bad back, he's not. he was injuried the 04 season, and then on a als team that already had 2 good backs. you have no logic in your post. The esks didnt hand the ball off because they had no quality back to give the ball too, they could of handed the ball off 50 times but those two backs would still of never got a 100 yard game, im not saying this is the key for the esks but god it's not going to hurt.

Yep, GEG, Jenkins is a step up from those other two guys you got, see I dont even know their names.......

shame jenkins is not started gainst the als but he will help them lots