Michael Irvin let go: too black or not good enough?

I think Irvin never portrayed the attitude or authority that a player of his accomplishment should have given. In contrast I look at Rod Woodson and his insightful and succinct analysis of the inside workings of the league.
I personally like Michael but I'm afraid he just didn't cut the grade as a commentator.

Agreed, nice enough guy but not the best as an analyst.

I would take him over Shannon Sharpe. Sharpe talks like he has marbles in his mouth.

agreed sportsmen. Although I would have to say Irvin is possibly the most biased comentater ever. He loves them Cowboys (unsuprisingly).

Sharpe reminds me of Sean Millington. They both should not be on TV, unless they have a helmet on.

Didn't Irvin have a pretty big drug problem?

Maybe that surfaced again ... ?

(Though it's not like I've heard of this story, let alone been following it ... )

You may be right Canuckev,

How does that joke go...?????

Why don't the Dallas Cowboys huddle any more?

Known felons must stay 20 yards from each other....

Sorry, low blow!