Michael Goncalves

Hey guys, I know the guy you have listed as your 6th round pick, Michael Goncalves, I was just wondering if you had any opinion on the pick, and what you thought his chances were of making the team, or what your DE situation is currently (i.e. is there a definate need there). Thanks.

um yes and i uno much about him but its gunna b tough to make the line this year no1 is safe, and especial if ur a 6th round CIS player

Here is a synopsis on Michael Goncalves contained in an article titled "Plenty of homegrown talent in Ticats' nine draft selections" in The Hamilton Spectator on May 3/07:

"* Michael Goncalves, DL, University of Toronto (41st overall)

Has the distinction of being the only Blues player selected in the draft, which is not a huge surprise given the University of Toronto hasn't won a game in three seasons or more.

Desjardins: "Not real fast but really quick and a non-stop motor. We see him as a significant contributor on special teams potentially as well as converting him to fullback.""

Hey sorry guys who are your current DL’s and are they firmly entrenched at the position?