Michael Bishop's Number

What number do you think Michael Bishop will have? He can't have 17 because thats Tad Kornegay's number.

His practice jersey was #11

two 1's=#2 as QB :smiley:

the Rider Store is going to make bucks on this yet again! (Conspiracy?)

Joseph, Crandell and now Bishop in 9 months? I'm going to buy a jersey with velco nameplates....... :smiley:

That was the good thing about durrant being number 4 you could just cross out the name on your jersey from last year

Durant threw the best pass today. A long pass. It was a beaut to Dressler or Hernandez. Perfect pass with db right on him.

What a arm Bishop has. He was good today to. I hope Durant is the starter when he is healthy. But I was happy to see Bishop look good. Very good. Durant and Bishop and Jyles. Riders may have winning combination. Back to back baby. It could happen if Fantuz and Flick and Chick come back. But the west is tough. Real tough.

Chick was practicing today. Had a brace on. But he looked ok to me. Does anyone know if he is playing this week?

I read in The Star Phoenix this morning he is number 11.

Tad Kornegay agreed to give up his #17 and take over #24

Bishop will revert to his #17