Michael Bishop

I personally am confident/fairly confident that Michael Bishop will be playing QB for either the Stamps or the Bombers in the 2011 CFL Playoffs.

I am predicting that Michael Bishop will be the QB for the Stamps or Bombers in the 2011 CFL Playoffs, further more I am predicting that Michael Bishop will be the Grey Cup MVP. No I am not kidding! This may happen in the West or East Final or it may be as late as the Grey Game itself.
Regardless of how/when, Bishop will be parachuted in very late, and will be the MVP of the Grey Cup.

This is not a gag, but what I believe will happen. Laugh if you like, but there will be injuries to Calgary and Bomber QB/QB`s

OK. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thanks, I needed a good laugh today. :lol: You even posted it with a straight face.

Still curious to know if you got a response from Mr Cohon. . .



I'm going to defer to Rick James on this one. What say you Rick?


Never mind this year, I want Bish back next year for my Argos.
We have done alot worse the last two years.

... why? Calgary has two QBs already who are going to play ahead of Bishop. If they lose both of them, the odds aren't very good they'll win whatever game it happens in and thus won't bring anybody in.

Winnipeg also has a couple who would play ahead of him, so how does this work? Are they going to bring a guy in and ask him to get ready right before a playoff game?

ArgoTom calls it right btw!

Calgary brought Bish in before, the #3 guy in Calgary is not a option, if Tate/Burris go down,Bish will be on the next plane.

As for Bombers, If Brink and Buck are both down, Bish will also be called up.

If Tate and Burris both go down, Calgary just lost a game and are out of the playoffs. So what will Bishop be playing exactly?

There is no chance in hell you lose two quarterbacks and still win the game.

…regardless of what you believe, this is preposterous and has zero chance of occurring…

Just offering my opinion, what`s with the hostility?

But at any rate, BC win last night put the odds a little lower for my prediction to take place, at least in The Peg, would have to have a Bomber QB go down in the East Final, for Bishop to be brought in for the Grey Cup, cutting it kind of close. I was kind of counting on the Bombers having difficulties in the semi final, mute point now.

Hope is still alive with Calgary now forced to play in the West semi, and was always Bishops best chance anyway, so assuming Calgary is in the Grey Cup, still 3 games to go. A injury to Tate or Burris, and Bishop gets the call, Huff said as much when Bishop finished filling in for Tate earlier in the season.

Was not really suggesting that both qbs would go down in the same game. 1 goes down for the season (only 3 weeks at best to go) and Bishop gets the call. Huff already said that the 3rd stringer is not ready

You said "playing" in your first post. In order for Bishop to play they have to lose two QBs and somehow not get knocked out of the playoffs at the same time.

It's not happening. Ever.

Right you are!

In order to play he has to have 2 guys go down or else be just so awful that they would pull the 2nd fellow...stuff happens.

But say in the west semi, Tate could be out for the season, then Bishop is called to backup Burris, he would be then possibly be dressed for the following game. Or Burris could be injured in a 1 yard run.

So yes, probably would need 2 qbs to go down, but not in the same game

...if you call that hostility I dont' know what to say, there was no hositility in those words whatsoever, just plain old disagreementness (not a word, I know)...

Please, Please, Please.

A Hopeful 'Cats fan

one QB?

When the Bombers signed Bishop to their practice roster, he was behind Pierce, Brink, AND GOLTZ AND SUMMERS.

As for the Stamps.. maybe Hufnagel said Sinopoli isn't ready, maybe they'd bring him in as a backup if someone gets hurt, but he certainly isn't playing unless both QBs get hurt. And I think they'd strongly prefer to take their chances with Sinopoli if it came down to that (he can just hand off to Cornish and Coker all day if need be) than airlifting a proven horrible QB in.

Just checked Argo Web site to refresh my memory, and just as I thought, Argos swept TiCats in 2007 under Bishop, none of the games were even close

In 2007 the Argos had the league's best defence, and a mediocre at best offence. They're like Winnipeg this year.

The Argos today do not have that defence, a Bishop led offence would lose 12 games at least.

Bishop started 12 games they lost 1, the other 6 that he was injured they lost them all, played terrible in all 6 outings at every level.

When Bishop was at QB they played at a different level at every position, he was the leader. His players loved him, his coaches loved him. Coach Stubler was excited about 2008 with Bishop as his starter, was a excellent season under Bishop in 2007.

You can lie all you like but will not change the facts