Michael Bishop traded to Sask

Not at all. All I'm saying is that the Argos won their games last year due to stellar play by their defence, not their offence. The games they lost were games where the other team figured out how to successfully attack that defence. When they couldn't, the Argos won. Check the stats, Bishop's number are less than impressive, and I don't think any nonpartisan observer would seriously make the claim that the Argos won games because of Bishop's play. Heck, I was at the late season game in Skydome against Winnipeg.....it was a snorefest, Bishop couldn't hit a barn, but their defence stymied Winnipeg so they won. Story of their year last year. Anyone who thinks they won 11 games because of some great playing by Bishop wasn't paying attention.

LOL. you're kidding right?

if T.O just traded away bishop for a conditional pick what makes you think their gunna trade for Printers?

Shaun Alexander? and....we need a running back...why?

I can't see B.C wanting McKay, they let us sign him last year, plus with Brent Johnson and Cameron Wake, they're need for a DE of quite low.

Daunte Culpepper is done. thats really all i have to say about him.

i think he was jokeing

I just want to know why the Ticats could not make a move.
Clearly, SASK was in trouble with Q/B, and we have 4 of them.
Why didn’t we unload 1, and save a roster spot?

:? :? :?

Printers won’t be released, but will fade away in the off season.

Williams is the QB for the immediate future but the Cats never win consitantly with him unless they improve his receivers.

Porter has played one down in the CFL

Anyone who thinks that Chang has any value to anybody…well the less said the better.

heh someone signed jason maas. chang must have some value to someone.

No. He'll be released.

If Chang has no value, he wouldn't be here. Give him time.