Michael Bishop.......the "knock-out" and fumble

Mike Kelly, Coach of the Blue Bombers seemed to be scratching his head on a post game segment I saw on Sports Centre this morning.....to bring those up to speed that didn't see it, Michael Bishop (Bomber QB) was running with the ball and accidentally bumped into the back of his own player.........he then fell like limp rag doll and let the ball go as he was supposedly knocked out cold.

Coach Kelly had this look of suspicion on his face and said something like "I just dunno here.....something is really strange here.......I'm going to have to watch that tape real carefully" My quick take on what, and how kelly said it was that he didn't believe a word his QB was saying.....

I don't particularly like Kelly too much myself but I do have to agree with him in that it was the strangest looking thing I've ever seen.

Jim Brown would often go down after a hit and appear to have been poleaxed, only to slowly get up, get back into the huddle, break, and proceed to blaze down the field for 40 yards. LOL

Brown's m.o. was that if one was consistent in getting up slow, then opponents would not be able to easily see the effects of big hits on him when they occurred. That's one of the reasons he's a hero of mine. Smart man.

Bish? I was really thinking he was going to need the Jaws of Life there. Mercifully, a fumble is a fumble and the coach's tape doesn't lie. At a minimum, it was bizarre. Another day for The Bishop.


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Oski Wee Lazarussell,


Could have been Bishop hit his Jaw on his blockers shoulder pad. OR he may have fainted? :oops:

It may turn out to have been legit because he did take a beating last night...ouch!.....I was just noting the suspcious look and statements his Coach made......but then Kelly isn't exactly the go to guy for "normal" anyways........although he does provide comic relief for us fans at times......lol... :lol: :lol:

That play was really weird. On the replay Bishop did look like he was out, but he came back through pretty quick. I didn't see Kelly's reaction, but after the play happenend, it really looked like they weren't sure which QB should be sent in. When the Bomber got the ball the next time Bishop went in, but Lefors had his helmet on. After the first incompletion it almost looked like Lefors was going to come in, but he didn't.

It looked like Bishop almost refused to come out. Based on the IQ he has shown in the past, there's not much to injure inside his helmet.

This type of play may have been praised in the old days, but anyone who is knocked unconcious is nuts to go back out on the field.


Heard somebody quip after the incident "is it possible for Bishop to suffer a brain injury ?" :lol:

....Bishop was a victim of Bernard....remember that name ,this kid is a good one....Bishop ran into the back of him , like running into a brick-wall....ask the stump defender he almost destroyed in that game....Kelly was very concerned about Bishop and went out on the field to check on him....so lets stop the b.s. and trying to make out like Mike is an uncaring coach... :roll:

Apparantly you didn't see Kelly being interviewed after the game..........he was clearly suspicious of Bishop, commented that something is wierd about this and he'll be studying the tape veryyyyyyy carefully.

He has a huge smirk on his face.

Watch SportsCentre today and you'll see the clip.

All I can say is that it looked pretty real to me. He fell like a rock and it didn't look fake to me. If Kelly thinks it was then he's a bigger idiot than I thought he was.

Im disappointed you dont think of him as a huge idiot to begin with..... :lol:

It kinda looked like when a pro wrestler (or even better, a wrestling referee) gets "knocked out" and then suddenly "comes to" looking all surprised.

If anyone is into the ufc, the same type thing happened last night. Forrest Griffin was rocked a couple times, then Anderson Silva knocked him out with a jab while he was moving backwards! But not 3 seconds later, Forrest got up, and sprinted like the Jamaican Bolt guy, straight to the dressing room. The whole thing just looked fishy. I even thought to myself, that's 2 really weird KOs in one day, in my two fav sports!

TAFRALIS TO TORONTO FOR D LINEMAN :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

A. Bishop is NOT on the blue team anymore.
B. No thanks.
C. My daughter will kill you for even thinking such a thing :lol: She loves AT

No kidding! :thup:

The only "D" lineman I'd be interested in is Moreno. (But only if O'bie can make it fit due to an injury...I doubt he would be available anyway) I might add that the Toronto "0" line looked pretty porous to me and Joseph wasn't getting much protection.

Back to Kelly...I doubt he will last the year.


A. Our Dline is fine.
B. No thanks
C. My daughter would kill you for thinking such a thing. :lol:


The only "D" lineman I'd be interested in is Moreno. (But only if O'bie can make it fit due to an injury...I doubt he would be available anyway)

8) Woody, you're not serious about Moreno are you ??
 Why would we want him back or need him back now, with the great linebackers we have !!!

 Not to start that whole debate again, but I think we are a much better defensive team with the linebackers we have now  !!!!